Monday, January 9, 2012

What a is really January?

We had such a nice weekend...made possible by the very unseasonable weather on Saturday. It was close to 60 degrees out! So we made the most of it and headed to the park so this girl could swing!
And man, does she LOVE to swing! Talking and shrieking the whole time...and had this face! What made our park visit even better is that daddy showed up to give her a few pushes and catch her at the bottom of the slide.

We had an early bird dinner (with all the senior citizens) at Olive Garden. I had water with lemon, salad, 1 bread stick, and the Mediterranean Grilled chicken. This is a new item so it was not on my WW tracker - I had to guess, here's to hoping!

After Avery went to bed, I began the dreaded chore of taking down and putting away everything Christmas, including undressing our tree. It felt good to get everything boxed up and our house back to normal. There seems to be so much more room since that tree is out of there - and it really wasn't that big. Now I can begin my research to have hardwood floors installed in our living/dining room. CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!

I have to say, Sunday was pretty awesome. We went to breakfast (and I kind of broke my WW points bank and inhaled some eggs Benedict - I did not eat it all though....) Avery entertained all those that sat near us. When we got home, she and I went up to the guest room so she could nap while I folded laundry. Ryan was downstairs vacuuming up all the pine needles with his awesome Christmas gift from his wonderful wife - his shop vac!
He did a fabulous job, I must say.

Shout out to Showtime for their free weekend! I wish I would have known before late Saturday night :-(

We met my mom and Great Aunt Iris for dinner and I tried to eat well - chicken chili and grilled chicken salad?

The day ended with Avery's bath, some more laundry, a little TV time and then B.E.D.!

Hope you had a nice weekend also!


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