Monday, January 9, 2012

8 Months! How can it be? (a little late)

Avery turned 8 months old on Christmas day! Because of the holiday craziness, then the get-back-to-work craziness, I did not get to post til now.

What an 8th month she has had! I'd have to say the most monumental was celebrating her first Christmas. We celebrated Christmas morning at my mom's where Avery got spoiled by her Auntie A. - cool toys and cute clothes! Then we went home to relax and nap for the afternoon. Dinner was with Ryan's family where Avery was spoiled by her other Auntie D. She got Avery a walker! (to practice her pug terrorizing)
Speaking of walking - she is SO close. Over the past month Avery has perfected her crawling and can pull herself up on anything that does not move - including pugs!

We are all learning the ranges of Avery's voice, as she likes to test it regularly. Her favorite is dadadadadadada....I'm trying for mama but nothing yet.

She loves to give the pugs...
Unfortunately, kisses usually result in a face full of drool.

All in all, she is a sweet, sweet girl. I could never have imagined how much I would love her.

Avery - your mama and daddy love you so very much. You are the light of our lives. You make every day worth getting up for and coming home from work is the best when you are sitting there smiling and waving. Your laughter makes my heart melt and you LOVE to laugh. You make us laugh a lot as well. You love your puppies and they love you - although I think your growing movement scares them a little. I knew you would be smart - but didn't realize you would be this smart. And SO adorable! We can rarely go anywhere without someone stopping us to tell us/you how cute you are! Your eyes are amazing and the window to your sweet soul. And those lashes! Oh my!

You are our little dream!

Your very proud mama.

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