Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To my 16-year-old self...

I, by NO means think I know everything (although I believe my husband may disagree on that one). But there are a few things that, if I could, I would LOVE to pass along to myself when I was 16, heck sometimes even 6.

Here are a few:

1. Do (a lot) better in school. Make it more of a priority. Definitely more then those loser "friends" you were so worried about hanging out with.

2. Complete college in the allotted time of age18-21/22 because then, then you have little to no responsibilities. I understand there are people who could not start and/or finish college in the "normal" time because of other circumstances. But I was not one of those. And I am not, by any means, saying this conceitedly. I guess I was not mature enough to understand and grasp the importance of higher education. Many other things were put ahead on my priority list which left school hanging on the bottom. So now I am working full time, taking classes to finish my degree all while trying to be the best mama and wife I can. (and I always feel like I am failing miserably) It's not easy. But I am doing it. And I will be that much the wiser when I done. HA! Yeah right. I wish.

3. That totally cool, hot, BAD punk-ass kid you were infatuated with (that totally will break your heart) is a LOSER! Like in and out of jail, illegitimate kids with multiple (even stupider) girls (then myself), doesn't hold a job, still thinks he is the cool kid in high school LOSER. Don't waste your time - you can (and WILL) do much, much better.

4. You are not fat. Just because you don't look as thin as the "hot girl" in school, does not mean you are fat. She was just way.too.skinny. And if you could see yourself after many years of bad eating and laziness and a baby...well you just don't want to know.

I am sure I will have a few more of these to post. There are many not-so-great things in my life that made me a better person and although they totally and completely SUCKED to go through, I appreciate what I learned.

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