Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4 and January totals

I cannot believe I have been doing this for a month.

Yes, that would be sticking to Weight Watchers. (And blogging consistently)

It really isn't hard to follow, it's true it gets easier every day.

And after a month, I feel like I am getting the hang of what is working and what doesn't (even though I think I knew that all along).

So here are the numbers:

I am down 5.5lbs since 1/1/12 (-1.5 for Week 4)

In one month, I have lost 8.5 inches! The majority on my waist, bust, and hips.

Could I have lost more lbs & inches? Probably.

But I am not focusing on what I could have lost. Instead, I need to recognize that I LOST. And that is always much, much better then gaining. I also have to remember that I didn't put this weight on in a month. And while I would like to lose at least 2lbs a week = 8lbs a month = 32lbs in 4months/ half my weight goal, I know that each week will be different and I just have to keep at it!

As part of my "No Excuses" motto for 2012, I have to confess my transgressions for this week.

I had an Eve moment.

I succumbed to temptation.

In the form of the big, yellow M.

And I felt horrible afterwards.

**On a TMI note - my body does not handle fast, processed food very well, so it came out almost as fast as I put it in.** 

There it is. One month down.



The Life of Susan said...

way to go girl! those are great numbers. you are doing awesome!

i have the same issue with mcdonalds. i treated myself to a happy meal a few months into WW and i was so SICK. so yeah, haven't done that again. lol

Meg G @ 3 Pugs and a Little Baby said...

Thank you for the encouragement - it means a lot to me!
Someone at work just asked me if I lost weight and as I blushed and said a dismissive "just 5lbs" I immediately thought,"Eff that! I LOST over 5lbs! I DID. it. myself!" Quite empowering and an excellent push to get me through this next month!

MSDeyle said...

UM you don't know what I would do to be 5 lbs down from Jan 1st! Good job!

Meg G @ 3 Pugs and a Little Baby said...

Thank you! This whole weight loss thing is also a lesson in avoiding the "need" for instant gratification.