Monday, July 22, 2013

So you want an update?

At the subtle nudging of my famous friend (she was on the Today show and that makes her famous in my book and I think she is really funny. Plus, I am positive that our daughters are twins on some parallel dimension, not that I believe in all that weirdo science fiction), I present you with an update of sorts.

So it looks like the last time I did an update was 6/28 and I had lost another pound but no inches bringing my total weight loss to 18lbs.

I bet you were thinking I jumped ship and went hog wild, eating everything in sight.


I am still at it. Although it has been a couple of HOT, slooooooooooow weeks!

July 5th - 1.6lbs lost
July 12th - 0.4lbs lost
July 19th - 0lbs lost ;-( (I attribute this non-loss week to the salty UNOs salmon dinner I had the night before and serious water retention. But the scale says what it says and I just have to deal)

Total weight loss as of 7/22/13: 20lbs!

I have been doing this thing for 10 weeks now, and if you completed elementary school, you would see that I am averaging a weight loss of 2lbs per week which is practically perfect in every way.

I am still spinning at least twice a week - sometimes 3 times if The Husband doesn't have to work on Saturday mornings. I even invested in a pair of real, legitimate spin shoes (and I use the term "invest" loosely because they were on sale for $40). Tonight will be the first night using them and I am super pumped. People keep saying that it will make a huge difference in my workout. And the girl that helped me out when I was buying them told me how wearing regular sneakers when spinning can bring on plantar fasciitis since the bottoms of regular sneakers bend, putting extra stress on your heels, or something like that.  **And to the people who like to hold hour long conversations during spin class: Please feel free to shut the hell up. If you can talk while spinning your are not working hard enough. Go walk on the treadmill and flap your gums. I'm trying to sweat here.

This week I am planning on running on the days I don't spin. I am really getting the whole "work for your food" concept. I need those extra activity points to be able to eat. (I have my WW tracker set up so that I use my activity points before my weekly points)

As for an update on the rest of our life lately? Follow my Instagram because I am way too behind to even begin to think of catching up. And if you don't do Instagram, why? Just do it.

Keep on keepin' on.