Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2 = Success!

Most posts (all 17 of them) I mull over, debate with myself about what to and what not to write, change my mind, and then change it back again.

Not today.

Today I am way too excited to even think twice about that I write about. I almost posted yesterday but chasing a new walker, Sunday lunch with my MiL, food shopping, laundry, and getting ready for the week ahead of us kind of got in the way. But I would have otherwise.

Why so excited???

Weight Watchers works! (I am in no way being paid by Weight Watchers  to say any of this)  It does! I know, I know...duh! But really I am just amazed. I lost 3.5lbs last week! YAHOO! THIS week I almost picked up my scale and kissed it, as opposed to to flinging it out the window, but honestly, it's kind of crusty from being on my bathroom floor (that I may or may not clean regularly).

So that is a weight loss of 4.5lbs since I started 1/1/12. ALMOST 5lbs!!! And I am only 8.1lbs away from meeting my first goal! In all the times I have attempts WW, I don't think I even got to that.

You know why?

Because as soon as I see a loss, I "treat" myself with some high points food. This time?

I am keepin' at it because the closer I follow, the more results I will see! (Yes, another "duh!" moment)

And it all may be in my head, but I can totally feel a difference in my clothes. They don't feel like they are begging to be removed. Or shrieking in agony from being stuffed to the thread with my fat. I did not measure myself again, I am thinking I may do that every other week...

A new great tool WW has is the scanner app. All you do is scan the barcode on whatever food you would like (I have found that store brand stuff does Not scan) and POOF! It gives you the points! If you do scan an item that does not come up, it gives you the option to add the fat,fiber,carbs, & protien. Also, it sends it right to your weekly tracker, even though that is a different app. Awesome. I had a little too much fun at the grocery store last night.

I really feel like it is getting easier and easier every day. I think I may be driving my husband crazy with all my Points talk, but he will probably forget about it in a few months when he starts to see the girl he started dating emerge from the layer of bad, unhealthy eating, laziness, excuses, and fat!

Here is to another successful week! It will be a little crazy in our house this week as I start school (ugh, 4 classes Mon-Thur) so organization and meal planning is a Must.


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The Life of Susan said...

congrats on the weight loss! i am loving the scanner app, too. it's so addicting to just scan stuff. haha!