Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

It is amazing how when you just put forth a little time and effort to get dressed, you can feel like a new person.

 Here are a few of my outfits from the past couple days...
Sweater - Gap
Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes - those same slippers from last week
This outfit was from last Thursday. I know wearing jeans to work is frowned upon at some places, but I figure since I work from home on Friday (and rarely get out of my pajamas until noon), I may be able to get away with jeans on Thursday....

Sweater - Old Navy
Navy Gingham - JCrew
Mint Corduroys - Lands End
Flats - Payless
I have been searching high and low for a navy gingham button-up and I finally found this one at JCrew this weeked. These cords from Land End are new and I do like them, but, as you can see, they start to get saggy/baggy towards the end of the day (when I took these pics in my bathroom at work because when I tried to take them that morning some nasty old Ho was taking a ferocious dump in one of the stalls and I had to leave. I had to do my makeup at my desk. It was that bad)

Cardigan - JCrew
Dress - Old Navy
Leggings - Target
Leg warmers - Kohls
Boots - Macy's
So my wonderful blog friend, Laura, gifted me her basically new sewing machine. I couldn't wait to use it and have so many projects on my To Do list. This dress was my first victim try. It was just too long for my liking and I figured it couldn't be that hard to hem it. Well, as you can see, I went a little too short. OOPS! But I justified that the leggings made up for the dress's immodesty. And I was so comfy all day. I am thinking of just making it a shirt...because it definitely cannot be worn without leggings. Or I might get arrested.

Cardigan: American Eagle
Mint Striped shirt: Gap
Peacock Blue Pants: Lands End Canvas
flats: Payless

First, yes, I love these shoes. They pretty much go with everything. So I will wear them as much as I like. 

*Thursday Preview
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Chambray button-up: JCrew
Striped skirt: Old Navy
Mustard tights: H&M
Boots: Payless
I am looking forward to this outfit tomorrow. It is warm and it is not uncomfortable to wear all day long. I was a little hesitant in wearing horizontal stripes on the widest part of my body. But I am hoping that the other fabrics and colors going on will distract your eyes. 

And a little Wednesday bonus, only because she is too cute:

What Avery wore {Saturday}:
If I ever thought dressing myself was fun, dressing your child is 100x that. I am dreading the day that she will not wear what I want her to. So I am enjoying it everyday that I can. 
Oh, and that Plex hat from Yo Gabba Gabba, is always on. She has the other character hats but for some reason she digs Plex. Whatever kid. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Well, I have been sick for the past 2 weeks so my outfits have consisted of sweatpants, old college t-shirts, and UGG slippers. And on the days that I dragged myself to work - well lets just say I probably owe my coworkers a heartfelt apology.

So starting this week, actually yesterday to be exact, I got my sh!t together and put some effort into dressing like someone who didn't have the stomach flu one week and then bronchitis the very following week. Oh, and a almost 2 year old that had an upper respiratory virus, bronchitis, and an ear infection.


Sweater: JCrew (old)
Vneck T: Target (old)
Green pants: Lands End Canvas
Shoes: DSW, I think (old)
Bead necklace: OCNJ surf shop (old)
I really like green, gray, and/or black together. I always forget about it. I am not a big fan of this sweater as I feel like it accentuates areas (my gut and love handles) that I despise. So I just made sure I sucked in whenever I left my office.


Cardigan: Old Navy (past season)
Chambray button-up: JCrew (old)
Black striped tank: Gap Outlet (past season)
Red corduroys: Old Navy
Tan suede slippers: Target (yes, I wear slippers as shoes and no one is the wiser. These sucker are comfortable and they are lined with fur so my toes stay warm)

I kind of love today's outfit and I was inspired by a kid's outfit I saw on Instagram. And any reason I can find to wear Chambray, I am all over it. 

Go check out all the great links on The Pleated Poppy for some outfit inspirations. And link up yourself if you have some goods to share! 

pleated poppy


Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Love Day

So I upgraded to a Royale on PicMonkey and now I can't stop. I know I already posted this photo but too bad. Because now it is cuter. And for Valentine's Day. I do not even care for Valentine's Day. I think we should show love everyday (cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesey! but I do! and I try to).

Whether you have someone else to love or not, show yourself some love today. Because really, if you don't love yourself, how can you accept it from another?