Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Confessions

This is my first "link up" so please forgive me if I do not do everything properly.  I'm still learning!!!

So my new friend, e - over at e, myself and I, confessed her mom realness and I felt inspired because Lord knows I am juggling one (or 10) too many balls at the moment. I know I already posted today but I am not aware of a posting limit - albeit it may annoy those that don't like my blog, but then again, why would you waste time reading something you don't like?

What I am going to be real about? Well, I don't think there is much I am NOT real about....but being new to the blog world, I believe I still have a LOT to share. So I am going to be real about how my house is pretty crusty and messy. If it wasn't for my husband, it would probably be condemned. 

First off - the pugs eating area. Just thinking about it gags me. We (read Ryan) can clean their bowls and placemats every day, and they will still be gross by the next day. I do not know what those three do - all I can hear is a lot of snorting, chewing, and some gagging now and then. 

Behold the pug dining area:
 Next is the hallway upstairs:
Yes, those are our Christmas boxes - they have been there for 2 weeks now and are waiting to be stowed away in the attic until this year's yuletide. We walk by these It's starting to disappear from my view, which is a bad thing because then they could sit there for 2 more MONTHS!

And finally our guest room:
It is pretty much our catch-all. It actually looked worst this weekend but I had to go through stuff to find something so in the process, I tried to organize.

Be thankful I didn't show you my bathrooms - although they have not reached Veteran's Stadium level of grossness (as my kind husband refers to them when they get really gnarly) - so I guess I have a few more weeks....

Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism - it will be greatly appreciated.

And now thinking about it - this post could have probably been saved for a "Messy Monday"...oh well.

I'm not perfect - and that's keeping it real!

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