Thursday, January 19, 2012


Something that has been bugging me lately, I just want to vent about it.

Facebook. And people who use it as their soapbox and/or obituaries.

First I will start with the soapbox. I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. It is not for me to judge whether it is right or wrong. I'll leave that one up to The Big Guy. So when I check out my news feed and see numerous links and rants about organic this, and medication free that, it really erks my baderk. Is Facebook really the platform that these opinions need to be shared? Can't you start a group with like minded individuals who may appreciate your posts a little more then this insecticide fruit, plastic diaper, formula feeding, epidural birthing mama does? Or here's a thought...start a blog. Then people who want to read it will. Yeah, yeah - there is a HIDE button, so not to offend those by "unfriending" them (and frankly, I used that button a lot, but that is another post all in itself) but what I am saying is I wish people would recognize that the audience they are speaking to or may see their continued posts on these subjects a bit judgey. <yes, I know that is not a real word>

Don't get me wrong - I give you mamas who give birth naturally, cloth diaper, breastfeed, eat only organic, a high five {and a low five and maybe a chest bump, definitely a fist bump}. Just as you chose to do those things, I chose not to.

side note: I did not choose NOT to breastfeed - Avery chose that for us because she wanted way more and way faster then I could give. And yes we tried, she did great for a few days, then nothing. We saw a lactation consultant and everything. It just was not for us. I did, in fact, pump for 4 months so she was fed breast milk for the first 4+ months. 

 It's not right or wrong. Yes, I understand the benefits, and believe me I agree for the most part but it just was not for us at this time. My husband I do the best we can to take care of and raise our daughter the best way possible and what works for our family. I am a huge reader and I feel that I do a lot of reading and research on particular topics that I question myself. So, although some may think they are, our choices are not based on ignorance. I do not get on Facebook because I wonder what you think about this or that. If I did I would ask you.

Second. I find it so tacky and even insensitive when people announce deaths on Facebook. Really? Would you want that if you died? Why do people feel the need to post that kind of stuff in their status updates. Have some respect for not only the deceased but for their friends and families. I actually know a guy who found out his sister had been killed in a car accident on Facebook before he was told by his own family because some jackass gets a thrill from announcing other's sorrow. A private message may be a tad more appropriate. But then again, Facebook seems to be teeming with inappropriateness.


I will end this on a positive note with an adorable picture.

Happy Thursday! My favorite day of the week!


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Jessica said...

I clicked through to your blog from Life After I Dew. I tooootally agree about the judgie mommys. I am an epidural lovin' disposable diapering genie, and I never managed to breastfeed (though I did pump for nine months-ugh). 99.9 percent of moms want the best for their kids so who's to say one mom is better than another. P.S. Your daughter is such a cutie. My son is a couple weeks older than her, I think. He'll be ten months tomorrow.