Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I remember before I had Avery, I insisted I did NOT want to stay home. I really like my job and most of the people I work with. I make decent money and have a flexible schedule.

But then she was here...and I was able to take 4 months off of work to stay home with her. I went back to work, full-time in September, and I have to say I was looking forward to it. As I may have mentioned before, my lovely sister graciously offered to watch Avery while Ryan and I work. She is there Monday through Thursday from 8-3. We do pay her, a fair rate I believe from all the research I did. We have an agreement I typed up before I went back to work that we all agreed upon. I am so grateful that Avery is able to stay in our home with her Auntie opposed to having to drag her out every morning and sit in day care being watched by a stranger. (and please do not take that as I am judging anyone who does send their child to day care - most people do not have any other option, I am just trying to say how thankful I am that I DO have another option and for my sister.) And my sister sends me videos and pictures of the baby all day long which is awesome but it does not take away the longing I have to be there and be the one taking the pictures myself.

Some of the many pictures I receive throughout the day from Avery & Aunt Amanda

Over Christmas I took off for about 12 days and being home with my girl was heaven! She is just so much fun. I think I was more sad to come back after Christmas and my 12 day break then I was when I came back in September after my 4 months off!

Financially, it is just not possible for me to stay home. Ryan and I both equally contribute to our household and would not be able to get by on just his salary. (Believe me, I have tried to figure out some way, but those numbers just do not change!)

So I have been praying. Because it is out of our control and I know that God will work out what he knows is best for our family. I have to learn to accept that sometimes what I want and what He wants may not always be the same or may not be in the timely manner I think it should be. So for anyone (anyone?) reading this, please pray for this for us also! I do believe in the power of prayer!

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