Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few Things Since I am a Little Fired Up this Morning

And no, I am not drunk. Just a little irritated. annoyed. fed-up.

1. After I read Susan's post about Invisible Children and watched the Kony2012 video, I was moved, disturbed, and honestly, embarrassed that I was not aware of this horrible, disgusting monster and what he has been doing for decades!!! (Even though I now vaguely remember Katie's blog post about IC - which once I looked it up to get the link realized it happens to also be one of her posts that really spoke to my heart and has helped to change my perspective on this life I am living and Who/what I am living it for.)

So what did I do? I shared the link on Facebook, I re-posted Snooki's post on Instagram, I told my family about it last night at dinner.

And the responses I received? Likes om my posts on FB and Instagram and my family had almost the same reaction I did and they just did.not.know! But then I see one of my "friends" post something about "doing your research" on IC and  Kony 2012 before posting more...this person is ALWAYS bringing up the negative on anything they can. It is like this person gets a thrill out of putting others or their ideas down. For the most part, I just ignore the ignorance, but this time? It hit a nerve. (and maybe I need to unfriend this tumor on my FB page)

Yes, there will always be haters on  anything - whether good or bad, right or wrong. But this gigantic, enormous problem that has been going on in Uganda for over TWO DECADES seems to be beyond hating on. And yes, by hating on the organization that supports the capture and removal of Joseph Kony and supports the freedom of innocent children being abducted, killed, abused, raped, mutilated at the hands of this beast, you are hating these also.

What I want to say to this FB "friend"/hater: "Before you proclaim other's "ignorance", you may just want to check your own." Bitch.

2. For all that is holy, if you want to drive 5mph UNDER the speed limit, please be considerate of those that DON'T - and pull over to let them pass. And it only adds to the frustration when you are driving a BMW M series roadster with the vanity license plate: BOND007. I am pretty sure James did not drive 5 UNDER the speed limit. Ever. In fact, I think he may be a bit embarrassed to know a fool like you was repen' him like that.

3. For all of you readers (to the few and brave enough to read this little blog - and !gasp! return to read more!) who have been eagerly anticipating the reveal of my vanity license was denied by the lovely (and ever incompetent) Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - or as us lovely PAers like to call it, when cursing yet another pothole/crappy road, PennDOT.

Oh, you want to know what it was going to be?

As an ode to one of my favorite characters, Chunk, from one of my favorite movies ever, The Goonies, it was going to say 
But apparently that was not appropriate according to PennDOT. Maybe they were afraid it would insight road rage when passing said driver above - in #2.

That is all I gots for now. Here is to a better, less annoying afternoon <I Hope>



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So What Wednesday

I decided to break my non-blogging streak and link up with Shannon at L.A.I.D <heehee> again to do a So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying So What! to:

~ So What! if I am seriously considering taking off Monday to sleep. Really. Changing the clocks really messed me up, even though it is only an hour. And since I already feel sleep deprived (and NO, it is not because of the baby - that girl sleeps 12 hours a night), I am only imagining how much more tired I will be after "losing" a hour.

~ So What! if I haven't blogged about my weight loss. Doesn't mean I am not still doing it - I am. I have just sick of talking/writing about it and am focusing more on the doing and not just Saying.

~ So What! if I got my hair cut to be able to wear it naturally curly and for the past 2 weeks, I have straightened it. Everyone needs a change now and again.

~ So What! if my feet could be mistaken for a male troll's and I am too embarrassed to take them to get a pedicure. We are going to Florida in May so maybe I will get the courage up by then to go.

~ So What! if I have used my "Spring Break" to do! I think it is has given me the extra motivation I need to get this done and over with so I can spend EVERY afternoon with Avery and go to bed at a decent time (as opposed to being up late doing school work and/or going to class)

~ So What! if I started my Spring cleaning with a cleaning of my Facebook "friends", Instagram followers, blogs-I-follow. I feel a little lighter.

Go check out Shannon's SWW and all the others that have linked up too!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Double Digits - 10 Months Old

Ok, Girlfriend, I am going to get this post written and published within the week of you turning 10-months-old....or maybe not...let's go for within 2 weeks of your turning 10-m/o

10 Months! That you are, but some days I think YOU think you are 10 years. And I can remember when you were just 10 days...

You make my heart swell every time I look at you. As hard as it can be to be a mama sometimes, there is not much that makes me happier.

This past month you have been a busy girl. No crawling AT.ALL. for you. Even your E.T. waddle has slowly turned into a more balanced gate and if chased, you "run". This can been seen when Daddy says "I'm gonna git you!" You take off "running" and giggling.

Speaking of Daddy - that is your favorite word to say. When I ask for you to say "Mama", I get "Dada". (Aunt Amanda did tell me you say Mama all day long when I am at work.) You say "Hi" and wave. Give kisses on demand (and have recently learned how much nicer kisses with your lips puckered are). Blow kisses (occasionally - more like when you feel like it).

Baby food is a thing of the past and you want no parts of it. You are down to 2 bottles of formula a day (and Mama cannot WAIT until you can drink milk). Most of the day you have your sippee cup filled with water in arms reach. You LOVE chicken nuggets, most fruit, animal crackers, fig newtons, pirates booty puffs, bread, meatloaf, hamburgers...pretty much anything we put in front of you except veggies.

You had your first Valentine's Day! And went on a little weekend trip with us to Annapolis. You seemed to love the hotel room and you were very good on both car rides to and from. I could never have asked for a Valentine I love more then you!

Throwing one back at Federal House

Great big hotel bed!

Came home with a new friend!

Have I mentioned before how much you love the pugs? Well, you do. A Lot! And for the most part, I think they dig you too.

So, before this post goes another week without being finished and published, I will wrap it up.

Once again, baby, you amazed us this month, like you have every other one. The milestones you hit and then soar past to the next one keep us all on our toes.

All I know is that God must really love Me to give me the awesome gift and blessing of You! Every day I am realizing what it is to be a mother and a parent and it really keeps my in awe of what our Heavenly Father did by sending His Son to die for our sins. I cannot imagine or comprehend. All I know is that I am Loved by Him and I pray that you,Avery, know that same Love.

You are kind.
You are smart.
You are important.

Yo Mama