Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My 11 Point Lunch

While eating lunch today, I felt inspired to share. I eat this same lunch almost every day.


Because it is easy. There are a lot of low-point foods. I feel full when I am done. And good about myself for making the right eating choices.

Here is the breakdown:

1. Progresso Light soup - today was Vegetable                 1pt
2. water                                                                            0pt
3. baby carrots (10)                                                          0pt
4. Laughing Cow cheese - garlic & herb                            1pt
5. Reduced fat Triscuits (7)                                               3pts
6. Boars Head EverRoast chicken (4 rolls = 2oz)              1pt
7. String Cheese                                                               2pts
8. Fiber One PB Brownie                                                 2pts
9. Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt                                            1pt

Although I generally eat the same thing, I switch up the flavor - of soup, yogurt, and/or "dessert".

Shout out to Susan @ The Life of Susan and Katie @ Loves of Life, not only for your inspiration but for the excellent snack of Triscuits and LC cheese - DELISH! Sometimes I even spread the cheese on my lunch meat. (Ew, after I reread this, it sounds kind of gross - excuse my mind)

And as for the omission of bread - I really don't miss it. I'm not a big bread person anyway so it wasn't that hard to let go. And the Boars Head EverRoast chicken is AMAZING! Seriously! It does not go from the shopping bag to the fridge without me "tasting" it. I believe there is little to no sodium in it also {but I will have to have my fact checker look into that one}And I think I may have a slight allergy to wheat because since I have stopped eating bread, my stomach issues have been almost nonexistent. Weird.

I could eat these things throughout the day, or all at once. Depends on my hunger. I eat breakfast (a banana (0pts) on the way to work - I usually wait until I get to the back roads to down it because there are some creepies out and about at 5am, of which I do not want to see me eating a banana - and then some oatmeal when I get to work (3pts).)

Dinners are a little trickier and i am still working on them. When I come up with something good I will try to remember to share.

Happy Weight Watching!



Katie said...

I don't do weight watchers, but I LOVE seeing what other people eat for lunch. For some reason I can never figure out what to eat! So thank you for some lunch time inspiration :)

Meg G @ 3 Pugs and a Little Baby said...

You are welcome! I will try to continue to post stuff I find that is healthy and WW friendly. Thanks for stopping by!

The Life of Susan said...

this is great! all those foods are what really got me through in the beginning of WW. so happy to see it's working for you, too! :)

Meg G @ 3 Pugs and a Little Baby said...

Thank YOU! I have to work on it every day, but it really is getting easier. And going to bed at night, knowing I ate what I was supposed to and what is good for me is a great feeling. Thank you for your positive encouragement - it means a lot to me.