Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meant to be.

*an apology to my Instagram friends who may read this blog, I posted these shoes earlier this morning but I am SO excited I HAVE to share!

A few months ago, I saw these red shoes at my local Target. I did not buy them then but continued to obsess about them (as I normally do) for the next week.

So I went back.

And, OF COURSE, they were not there! Not one single pair - in any size!

Which drove my obsession to a new level. I went home and looked online but being too impatient to buy through the Target website and wait for said shoes to be delivered, AND pay shipping, I searched the stores they were available in.

And I found them at a Target about 18-20 miles away - mind you there are 2 Targets within a mile of my house, I swear!

Off Avery and I went - to soothe my obsession.

We walked out, red shoes in hand and the customary $50+ spent.

Then I felt guilty. Guilty for driving and wasting gas to get shoes that I do not need and pay full price ($19.99) for them.

A few days later, the guilt got the better of me and I returned the shoes, convincing myself I would  really never wear them. Don't worry, I returned them to one of my local Targets, I did NOT drive back to the one I bought them at.

It was hard to do, but I felt better after I let them go. We made peace with each other. It was just not meant to be at that time and I did not need them.

Apparently God thought I did and a lesson for me to learn.

Last night, Avery and I ran to Target to get formula (I cannot wait til the day I do not have to buy formula - or diapers for that matter) and of course, I had to stroll sprint through the clothing/shoe sections.

And there they were.

MY red shoes. The ONLY pair there. And my size.

I swear to you, I heard angels singing.

And then I saw the amazing red clearance sticker...$11.98!!! Almost 50% off!!! BOOYAH!

 I snatched those suckers up {and maybe gasped and scared some teenage girls in the same aisle).

A weird (?) thing I always do at Target is check the price on the randomly-placed-throughout-the-store price checkers.

When I scanned that tiny, little barcode and waited for the confirming BEEP that it had read correctly...then the price pops up:


I may have said a "Thank you, Jesus and baby Jesus" a little too loud, kissed Avery and skipped over to the formula section. Good thing she is too little to be embarrassed by her mama.

The lessson of the story: I waited. I had patience. I listened to God and in turn, he blessed me with a sweet gift. He knew how much I loved them. Whenever these kind of blessings are bestowed on me, I can't help but thinking "Why me? I do not deserve this". Even for something as simple as shoes. As sinners, we probably do not "deserve" a lot of what God has blessed us with. But His unconditional and never ending love is His gift to us undeserving sinners. And all he wants from us is a relationship and to glorify Him.

So, no matter what it is you may need or want, the Lord will give you what you need and want in His time. Which is what I believe He was showing me by providing these shoes. And I did not even have to pray about ! I am trusting in Him.

Thursday! My favorite day!


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The Life of Susan said...

aww love those little reminders he gives us to show us how much we are loved!