Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things I'm Regretting Thursday

  • The pack of 3 double chocolate chip cookies I bought at the cafeteria because I know they are semi-stale, and I need them like a hole in the head. 
  • The $1.49 I spent on above cookies of which I will only eat 1/2 of and then crumble up the remaining half and dump crumbs in the hallway trash can at work so I can't dig them out in an hour when I regret  only eating 1/2.
  • making plans tonight, right after work. Because I know as soon as I walk through the door, I will want to put on sweats and veg on the couch. But I committed so off I will go. 
  • not packing my lunch today. Which ALWAYS leads to bad food choices at lunch. Today I am eating roast beef and carmilized onions, chips, and a soda. Gross me out. I will be regretting that all night. 
  • not doing the housework I had intended to last night because I was lazy, and now will not get done til who-knows-when since we are busy until Monday. 
  • all the plans I made for this weekend. No rest for us.

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