Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Epiphany of sorts

If I may, I'm changing this is shiz up, again.

It came to me while weighing down my coarse locks with "smoothing" shampoo in the shower this evening. I almost jumped out right then and there to start tapping away but then I remembered my hairy legs and so here I am, better late then never.

I have been delving deep inside, trying to figure out what it was I was missing from being able to catch this whole blogging bug. Yes, I love to read and I like to write, I love to talk and tell it all so it was really getting to me that I could not commit to this blog.

And then I realized what it was...my blog name. Pugs, kisses and bumblebee wishes. Cute and happy and sweet. I'm pretty sure not one in-real-life friend or family member would ever describe me using any of those three words. I was feeling responsible to write to back up this title and tow the "mom blogger" line.

But that is SO not me. Yes, I'm a mom and yes, I guess I'm a blogger since I am sitting here writing on My Blog but I much more than that and I am not going to limit myself to just those ideas.

So I am taking it to where I am comfortable, where it's ME. And me? I am ALWAYS late. The only time I was on time when for my birth - I was born on my due date at 11:36 am, right in the middle of the day. Most of the milestones I have reached in life, I have done by the skin of my teeth, at the last minute or some time after most people my ago have.

And that is me.

So welcome to the ride I call life. There will be some tears, lots of fears, but as long as it is followed belly shaking laughter, it's all good.

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MSDeyle said...

I like it. Glad you were inspired. :)

Can I make a blog design suggestion? The font is super small in comparison to other blogs/websites so I find myself either making my screen bigger or squinting at the screen. Other than that, I LOVE the background so much!!!!!