Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teething, you bastard.

I wonder how many blog posts are written about teething?

I guess I could google it. But really, I've quite had it with teething. And I think Avery has also.

After a trip to the doctor's yesterday to make sure it was not a continued ear infection, Dr. B confirmed she was cutting 6 teeth. YAY!

That explains the restless nights of sleep, crying while eating, entire hands in mouth, funky diaper rash, fingers in ears, and general nastiness.

I would like my sweet girl back. Real soon.

On a positive note, it makes me grateful to be at work. And thankful for a sister with endless patience and kindness to be there for my monster all day.

When I asked the doctor if this is her last round of teething - because how could she possibly fit any more teeth in that mouth??? - he reminded me of the 2 year old molars. Sounds like a blast.

On the way home, we stopped at Target, because when you live a mile with 2 Targets, you just HAVE to. I grabbed some Hyland teething tablets that dissolve under the tongue. Shoving those in was lots of fun too and I am thankful I still have all my fingers. But they work! Fast! She was happy, laughing cuteness the rest of the evening.

And holla, city of squalor! for some Infant Advil on the shelf! Ever since Avery was born, all named brand  acetaminophen products were no where to be found. And Advil last night was a dream. She slept without so much as a whimper all night long. Poor thing.

Any other teething survival suggestions? I'm all ears.


Oh yeah, 2 blog posts in 2 consecutive days. Chest bump to myself in a full length mirror.


MSDeyle said...

I will be referring back to this post when I can't remember what to get Jo for her teeth pain. She only has 6 teeth right now so I KNOW that we will be bombarded with a ton all at once... ahh!!

E said...

Oh girl, we are RIGHT there too. Just went to the doctor yesterday for the exact same reason. Ug. Hang in there! I'm going to buy some teething tablets.