Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Dump

It seems it has been quite some time since I posted some photos of the girl genius. Heck, it has been some time since I posted anything.

But I'm back, I think. And I should probably give an update of sorts.

Avery is 17 months old. At her 15 month doctor appointment she weighted 30lbs and was 34 1/2". This put her above the 95%. Basically the size of an average 2 year old.

Which explains why she is wearing 24month, 2T, and in some brands 3T.

She walks, runs, dives, spins, dances, sings, talks. She knows what she wants and is determined. Eating is not the exciting experience it once was. She used to love meatloaf, now she won't touch it. Which totally sucks because that is how I would sneak veggies in.

She loves to read and be read to. Her favorite book is Are You My Mother?. Totally melts my heart because that was MY favorite book when I was little. Although now, looking back, I think it may have been the start of my separation anxiety.

This kid loves her puppies, real and stuffed. She sleeps with Boo and Rudy and loves the real pugs.

During the week, Avery and Aunt Amanda go to storytime at the local library and to swim class.

She is testing her limits and our patience daily. But I couldn't love her more if I tried. She's my girl.


Laura said...

I love all the pictures, especially the one of Avery on the horse! She's a doll.

MSDeyle said...

Thanks for the pics!! She's so cute. I see you are battling the "hair in the face all.the.time" problem too! You seem to successfully pull it back most of the time though (or all of the time?) so I'm impressed.

kerwin said...

So stinking cute! I need to get Annie a pair of Hunter Boots, STAT!