Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random things that get my undies in a bunch

1. Stick figure family stickers on cars. Just lame. And more obnoxious? The stick figures with Mickey Mouse ears. Come on.
2. Lack of girl's shoes that are not pink, purple, sparkly sequins, tackiness. I have bought Avery boy shoes just to avoid these. I am well aware that she will most likely want these shoes when she gets older. But right now she doesn't care and I get to decide. In fact, I buy Avery boy clothes too because there are so many jive girl clothes out there.

3. Christmas cards. And my stress level. Our Christmas card last year was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Although I deserve little credit because most of it should go to my amazingly talented BFF for her fine photography skills and My Publisher for the perfect card. But I feel this enormous pressure to do just as good, if not better, then last year. I am making myself crazy (and broke) trying to get together the right outfits. I have anxiety and guilt about whether or not to include the pugs (who have graced every single Christmas card before Avery came along) but if we do include them, what a nightmare the session will be because they are morons and do not listen. Picking the right location, luckily we have many places in our area that are beautiful and perfect for pictures. But if I see one more family photo in front of the red SM barn...

4. Never ending phone calls to our house phone that are  telemarketers or for the election or collection agencies looking for the people that used to have our phone number (and I think still give the number out). We do not even look at the caller id when the phone rings because 98% of the time it is one of the above. The other 2% is Ryan's nana because she thought she was calling his cell phone. I've put our number on the Do Not Call registry but it just doesn't stop!!!

5. Law abiding citizens who drive the exact speed limit. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

6. Deer. It's humping season around here and these deer are out of their damn minds.

7. Switching my winter and summer clothes and realizing the same stuff that didn't fit last year STILL doesn't fit this year. hmmm, I wonder why that could be? Oh right, because I'm still a fat a** and have not changed my eating habits or exercised. (I almost wrote "exercised more" but that would be a lie because I don't excerise at all) Somethings gotta change. Apparently writing about it and complaining talking about it doesn't just make the pounds melt away.

8. My disgustingly, dirty kitchen floor and the amazingly fast way it gets dirty after I clean it. Oh yeah, I have 3 pugs.

9. That I paid over $20 to go to the movies on Sunday with my mom. A ticket, soda, and popcorn (all small). *Please reference #7

10. My desk at home. It is becoming a mountain of papers. I am even too embarrassed to take a picture of it to post on here. I need a good, toddler free day to go through and organize. Not counting on that happening any time soon. Hope there are any bill in there that need to get paid anytime soon. If there are, I may just take a picture of the desk and send it in with the late payment.

11. I got my annual OB/Gyn appointment confused with my bi-annual dentist appointment. I thought my dentist appointment was tomorrow at 3. Nope, its my annual tomorrow at 2:40. Whoops. Wrong ends. I guess I will have to get my undies out of a bunch for that one.

Please excuse my negativity and bad attitude. I am sure my husband will be grateful that I am venting on this blog instead of to him.

Proof God is always listening to you (me) - my sister just texted me and asked what pad she should use to steam my kitchen floor. Thank you Jesus and baby Jesus! I have the best sister. I know I always say it, but I really don't know what I would do with out her.

With all that off my chest and onto the internet, I am off.


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Laura said...

I laughed out loud through this whole post! I give you credit for putting your dogs in any Christmas card even before A because that in and of itself would be a nightmare for me. My dog is a moron too! I'd love to see your last year Christmas card if you'd share it!

...oh, and my clothes don't fit either.