Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little bits of nothing and 18 Months.

I was definitely on a blogging roll...and now I am at a loss for what to write. A lot of what I want to write about is not blog sharing worthy. And I would only be writing to work through it myself, so instead I have been doing a lot of the "working through" in my head, during my commute, my devotional time and prayer time. Because if there IS one place I can go, it's to The Big Guy. He knows it all anyway, so what is the difference? ;-)

So today, for the purpose of writing something, I will try to lump a few (or many) random thoughts together cohesively and pretend it is a well thought out post with tons of emotion and meaning. Who am I kidding? That is pretty much what I do for every other post...

First and foremost, it has come to my attention that I "lost" a follower. Now, when you only have 7 followers, and one of them is yourself (so I can see how my posts look when published in the reader feed), it is quite glaringly obvious who dropped you like a hot potato. And while I continually hop around on my soapbox preaching that I am only doing this blogging thing because I like to write, have A LOT to say, and to try and document some of my child's and our familys' life, it still makes you (me) question the content and quality of you (my) writing. Yes, I will be the first one to admit that I lead a quite droll life, probably not much different then many other millions of people out there. So sorry to the one less follower that I did not meet your expectations and was considered worthy of kicking to the curb. Your loss.

Allergies vs. cold. This weekend started the running of the noses in our home. Saturday it was Avery and by Sunday evening, I was shoving tissues up each nostril to stop the snot flow. This week I have been surviving on Claritin-D (legal crack fo' sho') and Nyquil to sleep. I have also been picking and combing boogers out of Avery's hair and scraping them off her face. So gross. If she is not napping when I get home from work, we lay in my bed and watch TV until dinner. Then I drag my raggedy bum downstairs and throw something semi-edible together. While it is very tempting to just call the husband to pick something up on his way home it does not benefit us in 2 major ways: 1. health 2. wealth. I am actually a little proud of myself for fighting through this crappy feeling and making dinner.

Clean dogs. It is no secret that the poor pugs have taken the back seat in all aspects of our lives. I try to ignore the guilt that creeps up when I take notice to them. Yes, they are fed and watered and let outside to roam their yard. But 2 years ago they slept in our room, in their own beds. Now? They are in the kitchen. In a corner.

I hate to admit it, but before last night, I can't remember the last time I gave them a bath...and if you have ever known a pug, you know they have wrinkles and if those wrinkles aren't maintained, they get STANKY.
So yesterday, after work, I ran to Walmart and bought them a new bed and some doggy shampoo and came home and gave each one a bath. First I brushed them, because pugs shed. A lot. All.Year.Long.
They were so happy to be clean and have a new bed. I wish I could be satisfied as easily. The best thing about having dogs (or a dog if you are a sane person unlike myself) is that they love you no matter what. No matter where they sleep, or how often you do or do not bath them. If only humans could emulate even a fraction of a dog's unconditional love this world would be a much different place to live.

And I'm running out of juice so I should stop while I am ahead (am I?).


I saved the best for last. And the best being Avery.

Today she is 18 months old! I'm kinda in denial of that one.

This was sent to me by my sister this morning on their early morning run to Target for 'nanas (bananas) cause this girl can't live without 'em!

I plan on writing an 18 month old post - for me and her. Tonight. I promise.

And to those of you that actually read this blog, thankyouverymuch. I know its not always interesting or consistent but it's from my heart.



Laura said...

For what it's worth, I really like your blog, and your pugs and I think A is adorable!!! Like you said, their loss. My dogs have also taken a backseat since Olivia was born, I just dont have the energy sometimes!

Jamie said...

She is so cute!

MSDeyle said...

Not the dreaded cold!! I am also very impressed with you for making real meals. Today, I spent $50 on frozen meals (and some fruit so at least there's that) so that hubby would have SOMETHING to eat when he gets home. Usually I just have a bowl of cereal for supper and call it good. Poor family of mine...

Avery is so cute giving those kisses! I just love toddler affection