Monday, October 8, 2012

The past 3 days.

As I sit here in front of the fireplace, with the wood crackling and the warmth making the room toasty, my heart is full. *I started this last night but didn't get to finish until today...figures. Better Late than Never, right?

This weekend was nothing out of the ordinary. It was over too fast, like they usually are, but it was good.

Friday is work-at-home for me so we kept our attire comfy and casual:

That evening I met my cousin and her kids and our aunt at the school my aunt teaches at and we went to dinner then we went back to the school to go to the school's bi-annual kids sale.
It is a huge sale and tons of people come. Most of the proceeds go to the school (as it is part of a church) so that is a plus. Avery does not need another stitch of clothing for the fall/winter. Between this kid's sale, hand-me-downs (my favorite) and a few staple pieces I bought new, this girl is clothed for pretty darn cheap! It is also nice that she is wearing clothes for longer now instead of once or twice for a month.
Kid sale loot (IG repeat - sorry!) and a sweet backpack for $10!

Saturday was a lots of errands - waxing my furry lip so I don't embarrass The Husband at his friend's party that night and in hopes that Avery starts calling me Mama some time soon instead of Dada, Target for a gift for said friend and Clorox wipes (stop the press, I made it out of there under $50), food shopping (which I have found to be much better done on Saturday for a few reasons - 1. it ends up being the last thing either The Husband or I want to do when Sunday rolls around and 2. everything is stocked up, on Sundays it seems to be hit or miss on our weekly staples. The only downside is The Husband usually works Saturday mornings and he is much thriftier at the grocery store then I am - like at least a $80 difference. So I guess this is yet another area I need to discipline myself in.

Sunday was the best day.

The girl and I went to church and she won, hands down, the cutest outfit.
I was getting her dressed in our room before church and The Husband asked why I always dress her in clothes I would wear. Without a blink of an eye, I replied, "Because we got style".
He rolled his eyes.
And I showed him the Likes on Instagram and Facebook and told him that they don't lie.
He better check his style Mr cargo shorts, tee shirt and hoodie.

Since those super cute cords Avery was rocking' were a little snug, we quickly changed into comfy clothes when we got home from church.

It is much easier to ride a horse in fleece then cords.
The Husband had a toasty fire going all day and I threw a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner.

We did nothing but we did it together and that is what made it the best day.



Laura said...

I love Avery's outit! She's a doll!

MSDeyle said...

I love weekends like this! And also. It's TOO fun to dress up kids in grown up clothes. I can't even stand it.