Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Morning Surprise!

Yesterday, I woke up at 4:51am, like usual. {and yes, I know 4:51am is a disgusting time to wake up}

I grabbed my clothes that I had laid out the night before, and stumbled into the bathroom.

15 minutes later I made my way down the stairs.

As I descended, I could hear the click of nails on the tile floor and the neurotic pacing of three dogs who most likely did something very wrong.

It was as I hit the landing of our stairs that the pungent odor of a sick dog mess smacked me in the face.

Someone(s) had gotten sick out of their butts ALL! OVER! THE! KITCHEN! FLOOR!

Now, I won't go into detail - which is very hard for me because I am a detailed person and appreciate details, even the gross kind - but there was enough "sickness" that it could not have all been from one dog. And since all THREE dogs were suspects, outside they went.

Then, in the 5 AM hour, I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing our kitchen floor.

As I drove into work,  obviously behind schedule because of the impromptu floor scrubbing, out of no where, it started pouring rain. Like, I had to pull over for 5 minutes because I couldn't see, even with my wipers on full blast.

Once through the downpour and then on to the back roads, hoping to make up some time, I got behind a school bus. A school bus that stopped at every other driveway, whether there was a kid out there or not, and more of the kids were NOT out there.

And then I got to work. 45 minutes late. Thank you pugs, rain, and school bus.

Better Late than Never.


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