Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So What! Wednesday

SO WHAT! Wednesday

I am linking up with Shannon from Life After I 'Dew' (or L.A.I.D - even though my immature mind always chuckles when I see this) for the first time. She is one funny blogger (this coming from the girl who won "Most Funniest" of her graduating class - true story, one day I will scan the picture from my yearbook)and I read her blog on the reg. She keeps it real and tells it like it is, which I absolutely appreciate.

So here is my list for SWW - 

So What if:

- I spent $15 on mascara last week - it was SO worth it! And since that and lip gloss are all I really wear most days, I am totally justifying it!

- I am so over the whole "nice car" thing. I am looking to trade my Lexus in for a Honda. I told The Husband that if me driving a <much> less expensive car means I can stay home - or even work part time - I will do it in a heartbeat. And with gas being predicted to be $5/gal by summer, its a no-brainer. As always, praying on this one.

- I am completely procrastinating  working on my essay revision that is due today, even though all I have to do is rewrite the abstract. (And for anyone who is familiar with APA writing, it is not hard or time consuming) I think I just get a thrill out of doing things at the.very.last.minute.

- we skipped Avery's bath last night. When I got back from class at 7:30, I was tired, she was tired, and we both just needed to go to bed. Tonight, though? No class. So bathtime it will be! And maybe I will squeeze in a shower - you are welcome Husband, co-workers, and fellow students.

- I may have reestablished my eBay addiction. But not for clothes for me...for Avery, of course! I have a $10 or less rule on buying clothes for her. I HAD to give myself this rule or I would have gone bat shit crazy (and into serious debt) buying her anything and everything I come across - because really, little girl clothes are the CUTEST! I have found some great things for her on eBay, and consignment, and ALWAYS for under $10, usually that includes shipping too. 

- I practically inhaled my kitchen last night. I'm am seriously PMSing (sorry if any guys read this) and totally making an excuse. I did fine all day then as soon as I walk in my front door after work, it is like some wild beast is let loose. Here is the list of my transgressions: HUGE bowl of Frosted Flakes w 1%milk, 4 Reese's eggs, glass of Iced Tea, and 4 Mint Milano cookies. Then I went to class and thought it was over. Nope. When I got home from class, topped myself off with a Ham & cheese Hot pocket, some chips, a tall glass of iced tea and 2, yes, because 1 just wouldn't be enough, Fiber One Brownies. I will be tallying up the points from that binge last night as soon as I am done writing this post. I am expecting it to be cringe worthy. And leave me with little to no extra weekly points. Looks like I am walking my arse off the next few days, luckily we are in for some fabulous weather here in southeastern PA. Oh and maybe a spin class on Saturday morning to really torture myself. 

Well, that is enough honesty for today! Check back next week, as I am sure I will have more so what's to divulge.

Happy Wednesday!



Dollface said...

love your blog and love your pug!! come see me too... xo

MSDeyle said...

Ugh I feel like I have been eating like that too. And I SO WISH I could trade my car in for a better more efficient one, but my car is worth nothing and my hubby would NEVER go for that!

(is it just me, or is your font really super duper close together on the 2nd half of the post? It could just be my computer).

Brandy said...

Love this list! Hilarious!

Jenny said...

Saw you on MamaLaughlin, and I love your blog. I am queen of binge now, sweat later, so I understand! Your daughter is precious btw.

Andrea said...

I am so glad I found your blog! I can totally relate to the car. I really want to stay home with my daughter and my husband is constantly trying to buy me a new car, it's ridiculous! I also have a $10 and under rule! Your daughter is adorable, have a great day! ~Andrea