Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weight, measurements and such

I am sure everyone has been eagerly awaiting this weekly post...<HA!> and I have not avoided it for lack of any losses I have just been bogged down with school work and work work that I haven't had a chance. And honestly, the fleeting moments that I may have had, typing on a computer was the last thing I really felt like doing.

The good news is I am all caught up on school work and feel like I can breath a little bit. So now it is time to catch up in blog world. I have not only been a negligent blog writer, but also a blog reader.

But that is not why you are reading this post, you want to know how I am doing with WW.

So here we go...

I'm still on the bandwagon, although last week I think I had a leg dragging off the proverbial wagon, which, of course, slows you (me) down.


I was being weak. Letting myself be tempted by empty promises of "good" food (good as in taste, not nutrition). Making bad choices. And you know where that got me?

Z.E.R.O. weight lost. (on a positive note, I didn't gain but I still get frustrated because I NEED to be LOSING) I also think I may need a new scale because mine is acting a little crazy. I can step on it and it will say one number, step off, take a whiz, and then it says I lost 11lbs. I know I did not just pee 11lbs (even though that would be pretty awesome). Then I get off and get back on and it is up 5lbs from my initial weight. Any recommendation on a trusty scale?

Somehow, I did manage to lose 2.5 inches from bust/waist/hips. (still keeping my man-arms though)

Yay Me.

This week is going a little better, although it is Thursday and I only have 13 weekly points left - YIKES! Looks like I will be stuffing myself with lots of points free fruits and veggies.

So there it is. And here is to a much better, and successful, week ahead!


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