Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In between Tuesday

Since I am waiting to post (and maybe write) Avery's 9 month update until her Dr appointment on Friday, I thought I would write about everything else.

A Few Random things:

-You may have noticed I changed my blog name...3 Pugs and a Little Baby was kind of BLAH...and Avery will not always be a little, she already doesn't seem like a baby to me...and I want to get my blog redesigned as I am just using the boring Blogger template. And I know from experience that I will stick around a blog longer if I like they way it looks and it is easy to read. I need some major help since I am new to this whole thing. Any suggestions, send 'em my way!

- When people misuse the correct usage of THEIR, THERE, and THEY'RE makes me CRAZY!!! I have read a few bloggers that always do this. Same goes for YOUR and YOU'RE. TOO, TWO, and TO. I do not think it is a very hard concept...

- This past weekend was good. We did a lot of hangin' at home, schoolwork, taking cute pictures, napping in the CRIB (Avery not me). It was nice to not have to be on the go since that is what it feels like all week.

Here is some cuteness from the weekend: (and again, sorry for any repeats to my Instgram friends)

Belly-up puggie and diaper clad baby:
Big girl dinners:
Sunday morning Pug snuggles:
Impromptu photo sesh:
 Sunday afternoon swinging:
- I have stumbled upon the wonderful world of Picasa....hello? where have I been???
- I learned about Photostory 3 in my computer class tonight...again, what the H, do I live under a rock? It's free and pretty easy to use. Wonderful time suckage - because we all have so much time on our hands, right?

Ok, it's 1am and I have to be up at 5am for work - that means I will probably get about 3 hours of sleep, thankful I do not have class tomorrow (today?) night so maybe I can take a nap when I get home.

OH! And how is this for a mini-me:


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MSDeyle said...


Love the new blog layout and name. They both seem very personalized.