Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekly Weigh IN. WW week VI

I lost a pound and no inches.

I ate bad.

But I tracked every point.

I earned 48 activity points and used every single one of those up.

I only had 20 weekly points left over.

Here is where I confess all the bad crap I shoved in my gob this past week:

Monday - Wendy's for dinner plus a Frosty (23pts)
Wednesday - pizza/chips/a quarter of a primo hoagie/half a chocochip cookie for lunch (14pts)
                     Chicken chili/tortilla chips/boneless wings for dinner (21pts)
Thursday - Mexican - chicken encchiladas (2)/Guac/ships/coke (19pts)
                  Rita's for dessert (5pts)
Friday - Chick-fil-A 8pc nugs/half serv fries/Poly sauce (14pts)
             Kit-Kat bar (6pts)
             Goobers (1 serv = 1/4cup)/ movie theater popcorn - about 2 cups/cherry coke (19pts)
Saturday - Wendys for lunch (21pts)
                 Applebee's WW parm chicken (12pts)
                 Funnel cake (13pts)
Sunday - Diner lunch - BLT/chips (12pts) and Ritas Pina Colada gelati (13pts) and SO worth every point!
               Pulled pork on a roll (6pts) sweet potato fries/corn-on-the-cob/coleslaw (14pts)

 I really want to throw up in my mouth looking at all this gross disgusting food. And while I ate within my points (for the week, not always for the day) it was still a lot of BAD food. On the positive, I was very aware of my portions and did my best in exercising extreme portion control.

So you may be wondering how the heck I still lost when I ate so bad.

The answer?

I exercised my ass off.

Well, not literally because my ass is very much still there, and a little sore at that.

So to end on a good note, here is my activity log for the week:
Monday - Spin (+10pts)
Tuesday - C25k (+7pts)
Wednesday - Spin (+12pts)
Thursday - 5mi walk (+8pts)
Saturday - 10mi bike ride w Avery on the back (+6pts)
Sunday - 9mi bike ride w Avery on the back (+5pts)

So I have to believe that had I not worked so hard, eating all this bad crap would not have been a losing week for me. And then I go to the "if onlys". If only I had eaten better, how much more could I have lost? But that is neither here nor there so I will just be happy and thankful that I have a healthy, capable body to exercise and the motivation and determination to continue.

One thing I changed for this upcoming week, is I changed my weigh in to Friday mornings. I did this for a few reasons:
1. Weekends are definitely harder for me, food/eating wise and this is where I use up a lot of my extra points. I do pretty good during the week, as long as I plan our dinners and we don't eat out.
2. I work from home on Fridays so I can wait a little longer to weigh myself (like after I pee and have my morning poop - really sorry TMI but it's just how my body works and I am planning a pooping post in the near future, so consider yourself warned.) I have found that I can weigh myself first thing (say, 7am) after I get up and pee, and then if I wait an hour or so, after my morning poo, I will be about 1.5 LESS. So weighing myself at 5am on Monday mornings is not always accurate. At least this is what I tell myself on the reg.

There you have it, in all honesty. Thanks for following along and reading and keeping me virtually accountable.

PS. I am now less than 10lbs away from my next goal! Maybe a before and after photo if I can gather up the courage.


Week I (5/20/13) - down 9lbs and 7.75 inches

Week II (5/27/13) - down 2.5lbs and 5.25 inches.

Week III (6/3/13) - no pounds lost - down 3 inches

Week IV (6/11/13) - down 3lbs and 3 inches. 

Week V (6/17/13) - down 1.5lbs and 1inch

Week VI (6/24/13) - down 1lbs and no inches

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