Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Afternoon Quickie

I am sure most of you were wishing this weekend away, anxiously awaiting Monday. You know, so you could read my super exciting blog post about losing weight.

Its' not that exciting though. I have to say I did not lose any weight this week. BUT I did lose 3 inches.
Here are the possible reasons for not losing:
1. I used all but 5 of my weekly points. The previous 2 weeks I barely used any, just my daily points each day.
2. Wednesday was my birthday and while I counted points for everything, I went over my daily points and dipped into my weekly points (see #1)
3. I am due to get my period this week. Enough said. (TMI? sorry, but it's the truth)

What am I going to do different this week?

1. Eat ONLY my daily points. Leave weekly points for anything that I underestimate in portions or miss ingredients.
2. Do not eat anything after 7pm.
3. Do not weigh myself. AT ALL.
4. Get back to the gym and start C25k...again. I am feeling better and my allergies are dying down (a little) so I feel OK about getting back to it.
5. Start the 30 day shred on the days that I do not go to the gym. Keep moving. And racking up those extra points so I can eat more ;-)

Normally, I would get discouraged by this lack of loss and throw in the towel and pig out. Not this time. I am trying to be realistic about this and I know that I have to try very hard and keep trying every day, for every meal.

I do find myself praying a lot more, asking God to take these unhealthy desires away. Thanking Him for giving me the motivation to start this program again for the millionth time. And having faith that He will bring me through this, like He has for every other struggle in my life.

And with that, my friends, is our Monday afternoon quickie. Thank you for keeping me accountable and for your encouragement.


Week I (5/20/13) - down 9lbs and 7.75 inches

Week II (5/27/13) - down 2.5lbs and 5.25 inches.

Week III (6/3/13) - no pounds lost - down 3 inches



MSDeyle said...

Losing inches is still awesome! Not a dead week - you still progressed.

kerwin said...

I love that you are measuring inches. I think that's huge to recognize it's not all about the scale. And I wouldn't recommend skipping the weekly points. They wouldn't give them to you if you wouldn't lose weight using them. I found those additional points increased the likelihood that I stayed on the program without depriving myself. Though I do admire your dedication!!!