Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project Lose Weight Part 2


I will start with apologizing beforehand for these posts. Lucky you though, you don't have to read them.

But I have to write them. I need to because 1. I need to keep myself accountable in anyway possible. And I am really hoping that you few poor souls that actually read this, out of sheer boredom, I am sure, will call me out on my laziness when you don't see a post for a few days. Let's face it, that is what it is for me. Pure and total laziness.

Oh and #2. so that I have somewhere to go back and see how far I've come - because I plan on this being it. With each shuffle of my feet (because let's get real, that is what jogging /running is to me at this early in the game), I've felt the stirring of motivation. I think doing the C25K program helps a lot because there is a viable goal accomplished. And depending on what app you are using, someone telling you "Good Job".

I am sure that seeing the screen of the treadmill or elliptical I am on or the screen shot of my latest C25K app running in my Instagram feed doesn't spark many to "like" it, but I feel the need to post there also for accountability's sake. And I am not doing it for the "likes" - although it does add encouragement to my very fragile ego. I am doing it, again, in hopes that someone will call me out when they haven't seen a post.

Go ahead. Be all like, " Hey lazy, why aren't you at the gym?"


In other news, I have not had an asthma attack yet while wogging (walking/jogging). My shin splints have been tolerable. I have been able to get up out of bed in the morning without too many aches and pains. I have learned that running with double Ds requires 2 sports bras. I was ready to resort to an Ace Bandage, Brandon Teena/Boys Don't Cry style. (I watched that movie one time, when it first came out and have regretted it ever since - way too violent and graphic for my tender soul) The only downside to not having your gigantic boobs flopping all over, is now I am more aware of all my other rolls flopping and jiggling.
The weekends are always the toughest time for me. My plan for this weekend is 5:30am spin class tomorrow morning. C25K day3:wk1 on Saturday and some swim time with A, which I am hoping will help with my aching back and sore muscles. Sunday I may rest or maybe go to a yoga class. It is supposed to be rainy and gross this weekend around here so my plans of walking outside have been put on hold.

There is a HUGE kids sale at the school/church my aunt teaches at on Friday so I am planning on going there with her while Avery stays home with The Husband so I can trip/elbow/push the crazy moms browse in peace. Also, we are planning on finishing our bedroom make over, which I will gladly share photos (from my iphone so don't get too excited for quality pics). I have to stencil the wall behind our bed - of which I am getting very excited to do. I don't know why because I am quite sure it will be a huge pain in the ass. But I know it will turn out lovely. My talented, wood working brother is coming over to put up crown moulding and we will paint the rest of the trim and get new outlet/light switch covers. It is coming together even better then I have envisioned.

Enjoy your weekend! Hoping I have lots to share next week.



MSDeyle said...

I will be following you and looking for some motivation to keep me going as well... I need a real kick in the pants (is that a real expression?) to get me on the right track... but hopefully we'll both have a success story to share!

kerwin said...

How many days are you supposed to be working out? I need to know exactly how frequently I should be bugging you. We are shooting for 4 "insanity" workouts a week. We eeked it out last week but just barely. I will send you photos for documentation.

Keep up the good work! Those bedroom pics looked that that was enough workout for a few days!