Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Lose Weight, Part 1

Now that I put my face on, I can type.

But can I just tell you about the massive zit I have on my nose? I haven't seen the likes of this size zit since middle school. I kind of look like a mix of getting punched in the eye and Sloth from The Goonies, that is how swollen this thing is.

Side note: I was able to pop it last night, and let me tell you, it was up there on the satisfaction scale of giving birth. I am serious. I will take swollen monster face for a zip popping experience like the one I had last night.

Thank baby Jesus for concealer and make-up or I would be scarin' a lot of people today. With the redness subdued, it is not so bad, but the swelling isn't as easily remedied.

Back to the topic at hand, my return to the gym. My sister, Amanda and I went to the Y yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. I dropped Avery in the babysitting room (which she calls "The Party") and trudged up to the fitness room. My plan was to be there for an hour. I was going to start the C25K program and get on the elliptical machine for whatever time I had left.

I am proud to say that I completed the entire session of C25K, day 1-week 1. I ran the entire time for each interval. Now some of you more seasoned runner may scoff at that, but its a big deal to this shin-splint-ridden, exercise-induced-asthma, lazy, out-of-shape babe.

When I got off the treadmill, I felt like I was floating. So I floated over to the elliptical and burned another couple hundred calories.

I also snapped a picture of the elliptical screen and posted it to Instagram with the mention of the room's aroma. And while I would love to go into more detail here, I am afraid if I revisit the stink in order to write about it, I may not go back. I am thinking I may make a fan donation to the Y, at least to help move some of the stagnant air around the room. Do they make deodorant for balls?

Today I am a little sore, but I was sore yesterday from painting this weekend (yes, that is how out of shape I am). I feel good. I logged all my meals into MFP and seeing how hard I worked and how little calories I actually burned (yes, I know that those things are not the most accurate of measurements but it still gives you a general idea of how much you need to move to work of just one measly, little cookie) make me much more conscience of what I ate the rest of the day/evening which is usually my downfall of the day.

I am resting today.And it is The Husband's birthday so I will be dodging the cake bullet. He loves DQ ice cream cake, I don't really care for it (except for the crunchy fudge middle) so it should not be too hard for me to skip it. I am actually looking forward to getting to the gym tomorrow. I am praying I keep up this motivation and do not hurt myself.

Lastly, my cousin started her own blog recently. It is called Auburn Ambitions. She writes about her blended family, nutrition, exercise and hair/beauty stuff (since she is a hair stylist). Give her a go-see. She is actually pretty funny and her nutrition/exercise posts are well researched and informative. This one is one of my favorites so far.

You are welcome and have a nice day.



Ashley said...

good luck with your weight loss journey! I'm impressed that you go to the gym. Gyms gross me out!

kerwin said...

That fudgy crunch middle is the BOMB! The rest of it just seems like watery ice cream.

I ate half a sleeve of thin mints for lunch. I kind of hate myself now. I need to start up with MFP again. But we did work out two days in a row, so that is good. I am pretty convinced we need to join the gym again so I can take Annie to tot care. I love that Avery calls it "The Party". If she likes it, I am sure Annie will too. Since they are the same child.