Monday, January 28, 2013

We Survived.

Five nights and four full days away from my girl is the longest we have been apart. Ever.

And we all survived it.

I will admit, by Tuesday, I was ready to jump on a plane to come home.

FaceTime helped a lot. The time difference did not.

As I've said before, I had to take a business trip to Germany for five days. I left on a Saturday night, arrived in Germany Sunday morning and came back to the States on Thursday. I knew it would be good for all of us. And absence does make the heart grow fonder. I missed my guy and my girl so much.

Some highlights of my trip:

- a very uncrowded plane so I got an entire row to myself. So nice.
- my Sorel boots. It snowed and those kept my feet nice and warm.

- not speaking German (not a highlight) especially when everyone around you is talking (= rude).
- cappuccino every where. every day.
- Haribo gummies.

- wanting cereal so bad and then taking my first bite and it's room temperature milk. BLECH! (not a highlight)
- posted some outfits pics on Instagram. Lost some followers. Oh, well. Can't win 'em all. (I am always curious as to what exactly it is that makes someone unfollow you. Too many selfies? Too many kid pics? Too many dog pics? Just all around annoying? I annoy myself a lot of the time so I can understand that one. I don't follow people that post pics of their cats. I just don't. I'm not a cat person. (have I said this before?)And so I guess some people just are kid people. Or pug people. Or selfie people. That's fine. It makes the world go round.) *stepping off of soapbox*

All in all, it was a good trip. Can't say Germany has been one of my favorite countries to visit. But then again it is January and cold and snowing. Summer might be nicer. I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel. I always gain a better perspective when I travel. It makes me realize how small we are and what a big, unique, complex world we live in. From the decent of the plane landing in a foreign country, the land looking like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood to the many different people you meet leading lives similar to your's. I love to travel.  I hope I can instill this same interest in my own kids.

Of all my travels, this life is the greatest adventure of all.


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Annie bananie said...

Oh your little girl is the cutest! Her clothes, what chalk!! so how are the gummies??? :) awesome about your cool!