Friday, January 4, 2013

Think before you speak.

I've written a few posts, only to abandon them because I could not figure out where they were going (or I was taking them)

As a person of absolute minute detail, most of my unpublished posts border on the long-winded side.

I am sure you are thinking "HA! yeah right! All your posts are long-winded". But I just find the need for details. In everything. That is one of the reasons I hate when men gossip. (not the I care for any gossip, and it is something I am convicted of daily and making a large effort to change) Men just do not get the details, at least the men I know, specifically my husband. He will tell me some juicy tidbit and like a machine gun, I go off with question after question, trying to get every last morsel of news. 


Like how I am describing gossip like food? But it is not. Because you NEED food to live, you do NOT need gossip. In fact, the more I remove and resist gossip in my life, the better I feel.

This is not a New Year's resolution.

This is something I have been struggling with for ever. And most recently have felt the effects of other people gossiping and have been figuratively b!tch slapped with my own sin.

It is such an easy weakness to give in to. And sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it. I make the effort to stop myself before I say anything about anyone. I think "would I say this in front of them?" and "would I want this said about me?" Usually the answer is "NO!"

On the occasion that I do fall into my flesh and gossip, I feel awful. Like I want to take myself and just slap me upside the head. It is so weird to me though, because I remember feeling a kind of satisfaction by spewing some gossip, especially when I got a good reaction. I know why this has changed. And it is one of the things I am thankful for every day.

See? I intended to write a quick post about the last 3 weeks and here I am talking about one of my biggest weaknesses. But there it is. And I am human, and I have struggles just like everyone else.

The moral of the story: Do your best to try not to gossip. It is never fruitful and most likely hurtful to the person or persons being talked about. I hold myself accountable every time I open my mouth. It feels a lot better then making some one else's ears burn.



Laura said...

I struggle with this too, especially when someone approaches me with gossip I have such a hard time knowing what to say to defer the conversation! Oh and men, they're so not into the details. Most recently my husband came home an told me someone had a baby! I said, 'awe, boy or girl? What's their name' he's all 'I don't know!' How do you not ask that???

Laura @ The Everyday Joys said...

I think we all definitely have our moments where we can't help ourselves...or so it seems. Gossip is so nasty, though, and never turns out good. I always feel awful afterwards, no matter who or what it's about, and it is a constant "goal," if you will, of mine, to knock it off. Thanks for the reminder!

Benlovesting said...

Thanks for sharing:)

Alice said...

I recently read that when you say something negative about someone else, the people you say it to will unconsciously connect those negative qualities to you. That's what I try to think about when I'm tempted to gossip!