Thursday, January 17, 2013

too-da-loo mutha @#$%

I know, I know, three days of consecutive posts!

Go ahead, I'll wait. Go change your pants.

To start, one of my To Do's for this year is to Stop Wasting Time.

I can waste time like no one's business. Give me 10 extra minutes, I can waste 20. Part of it is from my undiagnosed ADD. Some is from my unrealistic view of time. It is something I am really working on.

And it is not easy.

I have been thinking of ways that I can save time and use the time I have to be more productive.

One of them is blogs. I spend a lot of time reading blogs (a lot more then writing my own!), it can be such a time suckage. Especially when I come across a new blog and I have to catch up in the archives.

I have come to realize there are blogs that I take the time to read, and sometimes take the time to comment and I get nothing. Not even a "Hey, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog". So I resolve that I will not follow/read/comment on any blog that is not responsive. That should save me some time.

And the blogs I love? They are the ones that take the time to acknowledge the time I took to read and comment on their post. Even Naomi, an undeniably true rockstar blogger, has taken time to respond back to a comment or an email. That is cool. And some of my favorites, Katie, Kate, Elizabeth, are my favorites, not just because of how much I love their writing and photos, but because they take the time to acknowledge the people who take the time to read their blog. And I don't want to leave out my homegirls, Kaly, Laura, and Sarah. You guys changed my mind in thinking that having "internet friends" is weird. Well, it's still kind of weird but I swear I am not an old, fat man. My Instagram should prove that, no one could make that up. Although do not watch the movie or TV show Catfish on MTV or you will start to question everyone on the the other side of your screen.
*And if any of you girls ever happen across this lame-o blog of mine, Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing because it is a gift. Love you lots (and not in a SWF kind of way)

So, in closing, it comes back to prioritizing priorities. Filtering out what is needed and what is wanted and what is necessary.

I like being an un-follower.



Laura said...

You crack me up! You better not be an "old fat man"! Ha! I know what you mean about not receiving anything back from heartfelt comments you leave. It stinks. Recently I took quite some time commenting on a womans blog who had recently become a single mother and left her a really heartfelt, encouraging response and...nothing. Not even a thank you. It kind of makes me wonder why they wrote the post to begin with when they didnt want any responses?

MSDeyle said...

Oh so very true. I hate when bloggers don't ever comment back! I should really go through the blogs I read and unfollow a few. Good idea.!!

kerwin said...

Oh Laura, if she's an old fat man, then we are all in big trouble! Thanks for the shout out! And I hope you know how much I appreciate your utter devotion to my blog. I am a bit shocked that you are stepping out on me with so many other blogs. But I will get over it. Eventually. Maybe by the time our Disney trip rolls around (see, we even have inside jokes! we must be friends!).

There is no greater time suck than finding a new good blog. With years of archives...