Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sorry I'm Not Sorry.

I was looking at the Googled phrases and words that referred a poor, unsuspecting person to my blog and most of them are people who Googled "stick figure decals" or "stick figure family stickers" and the like.

Searching for that references this post where I complain about random things that annoy me. One of those being those STUPID stick figure decals on vehicles.

And I felt kind of bad.

But then I didn't.

Because by that person stumbling upon my blog, maybe it saved them from a ridiculous purchase.


MSDeyle said...

I LOVE this! HA!

Jessica said...

hahaha this is awesome. I love your blog!

kerwin said...

The main search that ends people on my blog is "third eyelid dog" from when our pup was sick. The best was once someone searched "salmon fisting" and SOMEHOW ended up at Cottage 13. To restore my faith in humanity I choose to believe that it was a typo and they really meant "salmon fishing", because a world where people are fisting salmon is just too much for me to handle.