Friday, November 30, 2012

Flipping the bird.

I wanted to write a post about what a disappointment Thanksgiving was this year.

But it would make me sound so ungrateful and totally out my true fatty self.

Ok, I can't resist a few complaints. My mom burnt the turkey. My brother over fried his turkey. The stuffing was gross. There were too many people there. The dessert (that I didn't have - it was reported to my by the Husband) was freezer burnt.

Yes, I know there are people all over the world (and country) starving. I know. I know. And it makes me feel guilty about not liking Thanksgiving this year.

Its just that I have always been able to hold Thanksgiving in such high esteem. It is the one holiday that I truly love.

Christmas has always been a circle jerk because my parents are divorced and trying to juggle everyone's schedule to get us all together without any major fights is stressful. And I am the oldest so if I didn't do, it wouldn't get done. It really takes away from what that time of the year is all about. Every year we swear we will go away to a tropical island for Christmas. And every year I find myself arguing with some one about their schedule and the importance of everyone getting together.

My birthday is usually a bomb because I have these big expectations and then it usually pans out to nothing. I have wanted a surprise party since I was 5. I am now 32. No surprise. Except when my mom put my dog to sleep on my 30th birthday.

Boo-hoo to me, right?

I don't think I am really an ungrateful person - at least as ungrateful as my above rant makes me seem.

I think I am appreciative and thankful for all the blessings in my life. Down to the (semi) clean under wear I have one (it's 5pm people, are YOUR undies considered clean after wearing them for a day?)

I tithe at church, I donate to adoption funds, and to NDSS.

I know that my money is not my own. That every Thing I have and every One in my life is because I have been blessed with them.

But I just wanted to get that out.

Because I can't really tell my mom her food stinks, right?

Happy Friday!



kerwin said...

What is Thanksgiving without good food? That's a bummer. At least you are honest. Our t-giving was grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches, but we were in Disney so that made up for it. But it didn't seem like thanksgiving.

I am about to have an awkward discussion with my husband about Christmas. Since we have been married we have always driven 2 hours to see his family on Christmas morning, then drive back after lunch to spend with my family. That was fine until the babe came along. Now I really can't see this tradition holding up. Here, Annie, are all your fabulous gifts. Now drop 'em and get in the car for two hours. Yuck. Wish me luck!

And let me know if you plan that carribbean vacation. That sounds fab!

Kaylyn said...

We had a lot of people at our Thanksgiving, too. No leftovers! Boo hoo. I like small, intimate thanksgivings. I don't know if that will ever happen for me since my family is so large... but I'm sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving! There's always next year!