Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 years.

It is amazing the changes that can happen in 4 years.

And I am not just talking about my marital status or becoming a home owner or a mother.

I am talking about the change the has been made in my heart. A change that I could not have done on my own. A change that only Jesus could be responsible for.

Four years ago I voted for the guy that seemed "cool". That promised a Change. And Hope for our future.

I haven't really seen that.

The only Hope for the future is that I am saved and I will be going to Heaven.

Every morning, while I eat breakfast, I do my daily devotional and read my Bible and pray. This morning, I got an extra helping of conviction to go with my pancakes.

The lesson was about making choices and making the choice as a reflection of our heavenly father.

So today, when I vote, I will vote for the man that has morals and beliefs that align with mine.

If we do not get our country back to the morals and beliefs and values that it was built on, the economy, the deficit, finances, it means nothing.

I will be voting for the person that does NOT believe in murdering innocent life - whatever stage of life that may be.

I will be voting for the person that does not believe in desecrating the union God created for a`man and a woman.

Our country is doing its best to be a God-less nation and where is that getting us? God does not bless those living in sin.

It's pretty simple.

One of the things about living in this country of ours is that we have the freedom to vote and the freedom to write and say what we think and believe. That is not something to be taken for granted.

So, no matter who you are voting for, take advantage of that freedom and honor those that have fought for it.

Go vote.



Laura said...

...I totally, one-million percent needed to read this today! You know I'm new at being a Christian and last night through this morning I was struggling with who to vote for. Facebook is LOADED with views from both sides but none that I've seen speak to voting based on your belief in God. Friends have said to me that they have a "problem" with people voting based solely off religious views, well, I have a problem with people voting and not considering God at all. I guess I hadn't quite figured out how to balance my love for people versus my love for Jesus. He has stood faithfully by me, how shameful if I didn't stand faithfully by Him.

Thank you for writing this today. This really just helped seal my decision. I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing A and the pugs on IG. <3

MSDeyle said...

Very well put. I too voted "with the crowd" last time and have regretted it since. Making an informed decision is so important and it breaks my heart how many people just vote with the crowd because they aren't educating themselves.