Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making Time for Yourself

This is the thing: You make time for what is important and what is important to you.

We all know, and have experienced life shifts – or flipping completely upside down – during big moments – getting married; having kids…things that were so important to us when we were dating/engaged soon become trivial to what is important when we are married and living life as an “other”. And then we have kids – or for me, my first child.

For the first two years of Avery’s life, I got up, went to work (I am up, out of the house and at work before most people are even awake), came home and it was all things Avery until she went to sleep for the night.  This was OK and what we needed to do for that time as we adjusted to a new baby and a new schedule – a term I use lightly. While I was trying to figure out the balance of working and being a wife and a new mom, I was putting on the pounds. We ate what was convenient, and did not do any more exercise than running up and down the stairs of our home. By the time Avery’s second birthday came around, I was 50+ pounds overweight, unhealthy and succumbing to my laziness. Worst of all, I was miserable.

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Penny said...

I am so excited to find your blog and hear more about your weight loss. I too gained some weight due to convience foods, busyness, and then to be honest....laziness. Thanks for sharing :)