Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some thoughts on driving.

I want to write this out while I am still annoyed as shit. Because writing with emotion can be way better than writing just because. At least for me. And hopefully for you reading this.

As you may have heard me say/complain about before, I have a lengthy commute to/from work. It is 25 miles each way. Half is on major roads and the other half is back roads. In the morning it takes me about 35 minutes, door to door. And that is at 5:30am. In the afternoon it takes about 45 minutes, around 2:30pm.

In that time, and for the past 5 years of this commute, I have been able to compile a list of drivers/driving habits that make me go bat shit crazy on the reg.

1. Prius drivers. Read this article. Or this one.

2. Minivan drivers

3. People who talk/text on cell phones while driving

4. People who talk/text on cell phones while sitting at a stop sign/red light and then do not realize the light has changed and it is their turn to go.

5. Delaware drivers

6. People who drive the speed limit or below.

7. People who ride in the left hand lane on a 4 lane highway, doing the speed limit. Get out of the fast lane, moron. 

8. People who drive with both feet causing their brake lights to always be engaged.

9. People who do not use turn signals.

10.  When two lanes merge into one and the someone drives right in the middle so no one can get around them.

First edition to the Race Car Diaries:

Today, on my way to work, it was a pretty smooth ride for the first leg of my commute - down the major highways. People either did the same speed as me or got over in the right hand lane. I did not encounter any Prius drivers and it is too early for most minivan drivers. The "fun" part of my commute started when I turned on to the back road and got behind a Subaru. This driver did The speed limit (40) or five BELOW. While there are some stretches of the back road that I could have safely passed this moron, the deer at this time of the morning are as erratic as Charlie Sheen. Needless to say, I suffered the rest of the way to work and I would have been 10 minutes earlier if it wasn't for Law Abiding citizen Steve in his Subaru. Let's hope my drive home isn't as awesome.



kerwin said...

The turn signal thing kills me. Husband is a repeat offender. I hardly let him drive any more. He'll be trying to merge and getting pissed off that someone won't let him over. Then he gets pissed when I point out that they can't read his f-ing mind and why don't you use the blinker???? I also hate it when drivers constantly narrate what's going on with the cars around them, "oh, this guy's coming over" or "look at this speed demon". Constant chatter about other drivers. It makes me crazy. I have two narrators in my circle. I drive them too.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Number 7. I have serious, serious road rage WHEN this happens. It's the #1 thing that gets me flicked off. I know, its awful--but what happens is I come up in the left lane, trying to pass, and they're sitting there going the speed limit (OR GOD FORBID BELOW) and I'm just trying to get past them. THEY GET MAD AT ME for being BEHIND THEM god forbid. I get the bird for that ALL.THE.TIME because they won't move over??? How is that fair? No, really--how is that fair? I've had more than one time a driver got out of his car and SCARED THE PANTS OUT OF ME and yelled threatening things at me, mainly things like, "STAY OFF MY TAIL" and then I'm like "THEN MOVE OVER IDIOT" (not really). Anyway. I honestly just want to move from place A to place B efficiently. I am not trying to be a speed demon. SO MOVE IT. GRR. Oh, and my little brother and I said that Subaru (outback) drivers (my mom drives one) are always like 40-50 year old do-gooder's/moms around here. In california, the people who drive subaru outbacks are rugged outdoor types/rock climbers. He said they have a whole different connotation from one state to the other, isn't that hilarious? He was telling me this after he drove my mom's old outback (which is acquired) across the country (from PA to CA)...like, you could see the switch from MOM JEANS CAR to COOL GUY CAR. I died laughing.

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