Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dropping a Toddler

Not a true, live, human being toddler, but more the weight of a toddler (or two, in my case).

60 pounds ::GULP:: need to come off this 5'6" frame. And I have to admit, not one pound is baby weight. It is all lazy, eat-too-much-of-the-wrong-things and sit-on-your-fat-bum-8-hours-a-day-at-work weight.

I was already overweight when I got pregnant. I gained 30lbs while I was pregnant and then lost it all within 3 weeks of giving birth. (Possibly even more considering I was carrying around boobs that had to have weighed 10lbs - a piece)

But now? Yuck. My "fat" clothes are now everyday clothes - and even those are begging to be removed as soon as I walk through the door. We need a break from each other. The poor buttons on my pants have never worked so hard in their life. There are some days when I feel bad enough for them that I do the old pregnancy, rubber band trick.

That. Is. Pathetic.

My child is going to be 8 months old and I look like I'm carrying #2. (which I am NOT)

I have had many not-so-subtle indications that others think I am fat. Here is a short long list:

1. My step mother said she keeps my sister in so many sports and activities so she doesn't get "fat like her sisters"
2. A woman at our local mall called me a "fat pig" as I walked into the mall.
3. The nurse at my work that I went to see to get a flu shot asked when I was expecting. I asked her "Expecting what?"....and then I saw the look on her face that told me exactly when she thought I was expecting.
4. My pants.
5. My shirts.
6. My underwear. (and my underwear fit all through my pregnancy :()
7. My SCALE.
8. My Dr's scale.
9. My Dr's nurse as she handed me an informative article on BMI and the risks of being overweight.
    Upon further inspection, I realized none of the Overweight info pertained to ME because, according to my         BMI, I am Obese.YAY for me!
10. There is no longer any clear definition between my chin and my chest. Neck? what is that?
11. I gots a boobee-do. Not sure what a boobee-do is? It's when your gut sticks out further then your boobees do. (the male version is a dickie-do) And when your boobs are as big as mine, it means your gut needs to be pretty damn big to acquire one of these fine rewards of being a lazy, over-eater.

So what will I do? I have zero time to exercise and time I do have (between working, classes, and taking care of a baby) I want to spend with the baby. I have working mom guilt and feel like I need to spend as much time as I have with her.

First step, get control of my eating - which is truly my biggest issue. I am all signed-up for Weight Watchers online - now I just have to stick to know, the easy part. Obsessively reading blogs on other people's weight loss is very motivating. I know this will not happen overnight. I am trying to focus on the smaller weight loss goals first, instead of getting overwhelmed and discouraged by the BIG number (I typed it once, not doing it again). I would like to lose 30 (or 1/2) by April.

Second step, move. For the next 4+ months, I will focus solely on changing my eating habits. When the weather gets nicer, I will being to walk because that is something I can do with the baby. I would love to eventually jog, but with my asthma that has never been easy for me - even when I was not a fatty.

Hopefully I can use this blog to track my weightloss and keep me accountable (to whom I am not sure as I have no readers) not just for baby sharing or bitching and moaning.


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