Wednesday, December 14, 2011

215 days, or 7 months

This Girl. She makes me proud, and she does not even know it yet.

As much as I miss the tiny baby she was, everyday is something new and makes us look forward to the next day and how she will amaze us.

She is crawling like nobody's business, much to the pugs' chagrin:

But her newest trick, as she is over half way through her 7th month, is to pull herself up to stand.

Now that she can stand, she thinks she can walk. She will take 2 steps and fall flat on her face! So we have now entered into the world of a bumpy, bruisey baby.
Check out that shiner from banging her head on  the leg of the dining room table.
My youngest brother walked at 8 1/2 months, I walked at 10. So if this girl gets going soon I cannot say I will be too surprised.

And the pugs (or the puppies as we call them to Avery)...she LOVES those darn dogs! And I have to say, I think the feeling is mutual.

That would be a "kiss" - she is not trying to bite the pug

Malcolm is a whore to the belly rub - even glance in the directions of his  underside, and you have a new best friend!

This was Avery's first Thanksgiving and I will need to come back and add pictures of her chowing down. (They are on my real camera which does not get unloaded often)
We went to Nana's for dinner and then dessert with my good friend Melissa and her awesome family.
Needless to say, Avery enjoyed her first turkey day, and all the new foods she got to try, so much, she followed it up with one funky diaper rash. Poor girl, there was a lot of nakey time in our house the following week.

We also went to visit Avery's great grandmother, Ryan's dad's mom, and Avery got to meet her 2nd cousin, Jackie for the first time. And although Avery has been showing signs of stranger anxiety - she could not get enough of her cousin!

Hmm, what else has this wonderful girl been up to?

She LOVES her swim lessons with her Aunt Amanda

Swinging may be her favorite....

Teeth! 2 on the bottom! If you look close at the pictures above, you just barely see them! I believe a couple more are on their way. She has her first cold :-( and added with the teething does not a happy baby make.
Gone are the days of the "baby" tub...this girl moves onto bigger and better fast! 
So instead of sitting in the tub, we have to STAND...
11 more days until Avery is 8 months old (and Christmas, in case you didn't realize). 

Little girl,
You make us laugh daily and this Christmas, you are the Joy to our World!
Yo Mama.


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