Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh Boy

It seems we are evening things up in the Gibson home. Or, if you count neutered pugs, outnumbering the girls in the house.

On Wednesday, February 12th, we had our 20 week ultrasound and we found out we are expecting a baby boy!
The technician that did our ultrasound was super sweet and thorough. Ryan says she is the same lady that did our ultrasound with Avery. I have no idea. She went over every ounce of that baby, showing us his heart and kidneys and all the important stuff they look for. From what they could see in this ultrasound, he is a healthy and very active baby that measures exactly to his week/day age. I can never remember if I even breathed during the whole thing, this time or at Avery's. It is just so amazing to see that little tiny body dancing around INSIDE you. 

After the ultrasound, Ryan headed back to work and I went home, with a quick drive by at Wendy's to grab a Frosty to bribe Avery with so she would make the gender announcement video. I have no shame in my game. While I truly enjoy gender reveal parties and the like, I did not have it in me to plan anything. So Avery and I Facetimed my mom and I let Avery tell her. My sister was already at my house. I texted my brothers and dad and Ryan took care of telling his family. Everyone is super excited and just about everyone thought it was a boy from the get go.

We do have a name picked out for him, it is actually the same name we were going to use for Avery if she was a boy. We have told our family and a few close friends but will wait until he is born to make the big announcement. I really do not want to hear anyone's opinion on the name we both like and chose to name OUR child. There was a family member, when told the baby's name, said "Ew, I do NOT like that name! How about Christopher?" How about you shut your mouth, family member? This is the same person that had some pretty hideous name suggestions when we were deciding on a name for Avery. Excuse me for a minute while I remove the bunch in my undies.

It is pretty cute to hear Avery say his name and she likes to lift up my shirt when we are laying in bed and say hi to her baby brudder. We have been talking to her a lot about him, now that we know that it is a HIM. She seems as you would expect any 2 1/2 year old to be: interested for about 30 seconds then on to the next thing.

For now, I am staying busy at work and trying to organize my To Do lists at home to get things in gear for this baby. I have at least 10 bins of girl clothes I need to go through and give away. I do plan on keeping a few of my favorites but I have plenty of people that I can give to and I am excited to be able to see Avery's clothes on their girls. As for the nursery, it is pretty gender neutral already, so we will not have to do much (I hope). It is funny, I remember thinking I was so clever for painting Avery's room gray 3+ years ago, and now, I go on Pinterest and every single baby nursery is gray! We will not be painting the room again but I do want to paint the crib and changing table and rearrange the room, deciding those color may make me crazy.

Oh, and I still have a few things to finish in Avery's big girl room. Clock's a'tickin. I have some stuff to get done in the next 4 months. Hoping I can find some time to check back in on this poor neglected blog and save all my pregnancy crazy to the internets. And there is a lot of it.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


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kerwin said...

I keep meaning to comment. I still can't believe you are having a boy. I am so excited for you. Aside from the nerve-wracking diaper changes, the boys really are very sweet. And we can find cute boy clothes. I am determined. Maybe not as cute as our girls (I would have worn Annie's outfit this morning in a second), but they will still be cute. I am a bit concerned about boy hair. For some reason I am really obsessing about how J's hair will be cut. Maybe it will just be curly like Annie's and I can let it be long and crazy. And drive my mom insane at the same time. Yay!

Is Avery excited about the baby brudder? You are going to melt when you see them together. It really is indescribable!