Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10+ Weeks later..

Well, well, here I am. I really did not intend to not write for this long (is that even proper grammar?) Don't most people get silent BEFORE they announce their pregnancy, not after? Then again, it was the holidays, I was having a miserable 1st trimester and just trying to make through the day without losing my lunch or my mind.

If it counts for anything, which I know it does not, I have written many, many posts in my head. Maybe one day they will make it to the screen, but if you have been reading here for any time at all, you know not to hold me to anything like that. Some are funny, some are serious, and I am sure most are the ramblings of a crazy, hormonal pregnant woman and in that case, you have been spared. For now.

This post will contain no pictures, since I am on my work laptop and all my photos are on my Macbook at home. And really, they are just taken with my iphone and you probably have already seen most of them on instagram. But even then, I have not been taking as many pictures since I have been really trying to put my phone away and be present. I have even had Avery ask/tell me on a few occasions to "take a piture, Mom!" when she is mauling one of the pugs.
Avery is doing well and quickly on her way to the terrible Threes, of course preceded by the terrible Twos. There are many "No's" and "I NOT's", tears, screeching, flailing, and straight up not listening. I am preparing myself for this to double in July, when her sibling joins the world. Poor kid has no idea what is coming. I mean, she knows there is a baby in my belly, but she also says she has a "brudder" in her own belly so I don't believe she grasps the entire concept or what the ultimate outcome will be. That is fine. Ignorance is bliss. She is doing well in school, loves storytime at the library and gymnastics at the Y. Since our trip to Disney World at the end of January, she has slowly warmed up to princesses, her favorite being Rapunzel. I hope to have a chance to write about our trip in the near future. It is one I do not want to forget. Toy Story is still the front runner for favorites, Jessie being #1. Despicable Me 2 is on repeat and Doc McStuffins is watched daily. I even had to find a new Doc costume for her since the one she got for Christmas was just too small. Clothing is becoming a battle as my choices are not her's for the most part. And these days, just getting dressed is an accomplishment, I am choosing my battles and I cannot fight that one every day. All in all, she keeps us laughing and on our toes. She is happy and healthy and growing, I cannot ask for much more. (ok, maybe less of the tantrums but I know that is a long shot)
My pregnancy. Well, on Thursday I will be 20 weeks, half way! I had my 20 week appointment yesterday afternoon and all is good. Our ultrasound was supposed to be on Thursday morning at 8 am. But we are in for ANOTHER snow storm starting Wednesday night into Thursday evening. I almost started crying when I heard this on the news. So I did what any sane pregnant woman would do: I called the doctor's office and was prepared to cry, beg and plead for an earlier appointment but I spoke a really nice lady and she gave me an appointment for today, Wednesday, at 12:15. AHHHHH! Thank you baby Jesus!

Yes, we plan on finding out the sex of the baby. And yes, we will share it with everyone who cares. But we aren't sharing name(s) until it is born. I don't need anyone's opinions or negativity on an already tough subject. I honestly have no idea what this baby could be, even thought today I have been feeling like it's another girl. I don't know why. This pregnancy has been almost completely opposite of my last one with Avery. Most people are calling boy but there are a few that say girl. The all day sickness ended around 16 weeks, even though if I don't eat as soon as I wake up, it can be a start of a gross day. I do not crave the sweets like I did with Avery - I would drink GALLONS of Hi-C fruit punch. Just of the thought of it now makes me gag and want to brush my poor teeth. Cookies and the carrot cake I made over the weekend just sit until Ryan or my sister cave. I have been making a diligent effort to eat closely to what I ate while on weight watchers and keep my portions in check. I am still going to spin and body pump on the reg and I really believe that it makes me feel better all around. I sleep better, eat better, just feel better when I exercise regularly. Some days, when it is colder than a witch's you-know-what, it is hard to get out and get to the gym but I never, ever regret going. I plan on incorporating swimming into my regime, but right now our Y's pool is closed until further notice...but being in water is so relieving after being weighed down all day by an every growing gut.

This post has taken me 3 days to write and I am finishing it up now so I can get my work wrapped up and head to my ultrasound appointment. Yay ME!

PS. have you noticed the days are getting longer - it is light out until almost 5:30! Spring/summer where are you???


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Sarah said...

Good for you for working out! It is SO HARD to keep that up when you don't feel good. It's so worth it though.

Thanks for the update! I cannot wait to hear what gender the little babe is!