Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Outline

OK, ok. I am really bad at this documenting thing. But at least I am trying.

Like with most things in my life, when I get too overwhelmed, I procrastinate. In this case, I have SO MANY ideas/thoughts I want to write down that when I get to the computer, whhhhooooooshhhhh....its GONE.

And I guess you could say I have been busy with life. But that seems kind of lame because my life is pretty boring.

I decided this post will be an outline of sorts. To get me organized in what I want to write about.

1. Our trip to Florida
2. My paternal grandparents
3. Avery turns 2
4. Avery's birthday
5. Avery's birthday party (don't worry, I might just lump all this birthday shtuff all together)
6. Christians and homosexuality - I know, a big one. I have it in my drafts and I keep going back and adding more, deleting, reading, rereading. Don't expect this one anytime soon
7. Instagram
8. Spending/budget/debt freedom
9. Weight loss/exercising
10. the pugs
11. Our bedroom (redecorating it -don't get all pervy)
12. patio reno
13. Breaking Avery of her pacifier addiction
14. Things I don't like
15. Things I do like
16. My daily commute
17. Aunt Iris
18. Losing friendships
19. Bad habits
20. Movies

Well, that looks like it should keep me busy for a while. Don't get too excited though, this will probably take me all summer to write and post.

Stay tuned.....



Laura said...

I'm so excited to read every last one on your list, my friend!

...for my own personal Christian growth I'm totally interested in #6

MSDeyle said...

Yep to all of them. :) Can't wait!