Monday, April 1, 2013

No Pain, No Gain


Apparently so.

Today, when I walk or breathe or move at all I look like I am 100 years old. Just the thought of moving makes my muscle throb.

Saturday I was feeling particularly motivated and took my first BodyPump class and then finished it up with Wk 3, Day 2 of C25K.

I am paying for it now. Stairs are excruciating. Picking up Avery is a new form of torture. On a good note though, my lower back isn't bothering me very much.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the BodyPump class. My BFF(since we were 7) teaches it, except this class she just came and took it along side of me. And good thing she was there or I would have been really lost. It was a new routine for her but all throughout the hour long class, she kept saying, "Oh, this is hard" and "this is the hard part" which for me, the novice, was not very comforting to have an instructor saying it is hard. But I made it through and am (barely) living to tell about it.

Yesterday, I was not only thankful for the Resurrection, but for my mom's hot tub  where I could soak my aching body. And it was Avery's first time in a hot tub and she LOVED it. We only stayed in for 30 minutes, after Googling any info on toddlers in hot tubs.

It was cold and rainy yesterday, but that didn't stop us. The water was warm and she loved that she could stand and jump off the seat.

I would like to report that I was able to run both 3 minutes intervals on Week 3, day 2. That felt good.

And I decided that since I am not seeing the scale move as fast I want. I am only going to weigh myself  every couple days but I am going to start measuring myself because I know that sometimes I may not lose POUNDS but I could be losing inches. I will take any type of motivation I can get.

Good news. I brought down my summer clothes bins last night and attempted to try on my shorts. Shorts that did not fit me last year. At all. Like barely buttoned, camel toe, FUPA showing nastiness.

This time around? I got every pair on, no problem. There are 2 white pairs (because I am on the never ending search for flattering white shorts in a size over 10 - feel free to laugh) that didn't pass the test but that didn't get me down. I seriously almost cried tears of joy every time I slid another pair of shorts on and buttoned/zipped them with ease. It was just the boost I needed to get my sore body to the gym today and get through Week 3, day 3.

So my friends, hope you had a lovely Easter and remember it's April Fool's day so don't let your guard down.



kerwin said...

Toddlers are in a constant state of being overheated. What harm could a half hour hot tub session do? We took annie in one when she was 20 days old. My pediatrician about fainted when we told him.

BooYAH on the shorts! That is awesome! I had a similar issue last year but haven't braved the shorts drawer yet this year. I am scared. I have also been slacking on the exercising but have been focusing on eating right. That seems to be my biggest hurdle. We started doing 30 Day Shred this morning because the Insanity was too rough on our almost 40 bods.

Is there a character limit in comments, because there probably should be.

kerwin said...

ok, I had to go back and check our Total Baby app because 20 days seemed really young. She was one month and one day old. And it wasn't super hot. Please don't notify social services.