Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A yellow polka dot bikini: "Enjoying Life"

If you follow on Instagram, you may be aware of The Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Avery's first {and Daddy says her last}.

She flaunted that thang all around the pool, sticking that belly out whenever someone walked by!

After "swimming" for at least an hour, it was time to get out and take a snack break. While she was hangin', I snapped this:

The extent of my photography skills lies heavily on my iPhone and Instagram filters, but I thought this was a perfect example of "Enjoying Life" in many ways.

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ddy2008 said...

She's so adorable. Looks like she's just relaxing in the sun! ;)

jen said...

i think i need another baby.

Helen John Photography said...

so cute! love the bikini =)

D.e.n.e.c.i.a said...

So cute! I love it :) The contrast of the bright beach towel in the back makes it pop!