Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Love Day

So I upgraded to a Royale on PicMonkey and now I can't stop. I know I already posted this photo but too bad. Because now it is cuter. And for Valentine's Day. I do not even care for Valentine's Day. I think we should show love everyday (cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesey! but I do! and I try to).

Whether you have someone else to love or not, show yourself some love today. Because really, if you don't love yourself, how can you accept it from another?



kerwin said...

We deserve BIG LOVE (and not just the weirdly awesome HBO series). Happy v-day to you and yours!

Ashley said...

I've been wanting to bite the bullet and get the royale membership on PicMonkey, and this post may just make me do it. :)

Annie bananie said...

Am I so not in the loop?? Whats Picmonkey?? lol did you just gasp? Now, i have to google!
thanks for thi saying.....sometimes we forget what it IS that we deserve!! :)