Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Instead of writing about all the stuff I need/want to, I am going to keep it simple (and superficial) and choke up some of my midweek (Instagram)confessions...

- I unfollow people if they post too much of either themselves or their cats. One - I am a dog person (duh) but I really do not like cats, nor do I understand people who do. Don't get me wrong, I don't think less of people for being a cat person or loving their cat, well I kind of do of my youngest brother who seems to have an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship with his two cats (who are identical sisters he raised from birth), but I don't want your lame cat clogging up my feed. Sorry, its true and Ima confessin'. Two - I follow people because I like their posts (again, duh) and a few pictures of yourself is totally fine, and kind of nice to know who is behind the feed. But when the major majority ( I know, I know, not proper English) of posts are of one person taking picture after picture of themselves, I do not find that interesting.

- I have even unfollowed my 11-year-old cousin because of the stupid posts she clogs my feed with. They are not even real pictures, just "funny" stuff she finds on the internet. And some of them? If my uncle or aunt saw it, they would not be amused either.

- I always experience a pang of guilt when someone follows me and I check out their feed and do not follow back.

- I get a bit of hurt feelings when people do not follow me back or <gasp> unfollow me, or even ignore comments. Because of my current lack of real friends (which is a whole other post I am ready to let loose very soon), I rely highly on social media for any kind of interaction or affirmation that yes, my kid and/or my dogs are cute as I think is they are, which is made possible by the heart swelling flash of that little orange notification tallying up your likes/comments/new followers. *I believe that may be a little to real of a confession, and make me seem a lot lame, but hey, no one really reads this blog boo hoo to me.

- I cannot stand people (usually teenagers) that 1. beg for followers, sorry, I must have missed the point of Instagram, did not realize it was a popularity contest. 2. ghost followers, again to "up" their numbers. I block those mo' fo's.

- The majority of people I follow are pug people. Kind of lame, I know. But it is funny to see other pugs all over the world that behave quite similarly to my herd. And whether you think they are ugly or cute, you have to admit, if you ever met a pug in real life, they are pretty funny little dogs.

Ok, done my bitching confessing for this week.

Cat people be warned.



Erica said...

Hi! I linked over here from E, Myself and I. I don't do instagram, so I didn't relate to most of your confessions... but I totally agree with the cat thing. I am totally a dog person and really (REALLY) dislike cats and don't quite understand how people can like them! I thought that was funny and will keep your instagram thoughts in mind should I join! :)

MSDeyle said...

I love it! I also feel guilty when I don't follow someone back. I am always so excited to see a new follower or commenter because I think "new friend! Yay!" and then when I don't end up following the, I'm a jerk. Yikes...

But yeah me too with the commenting thing - problem is I'm a hypocrit and don't always respond. My reason is lame too - if I'm reading on my tablet, its super hard to comment back so I forget about the comment unless I run across it while on my laptop. Lazy right?

Colleen said...

These made me laugh. I am so not a cat person at all. I would not be enthused about pictures of cats in my feed!

kerwin said...

AHHH! Now I am paranoid. So when you say "comment back", do you mean commenting back under the post or commenting back in a response email? Or either? I am new to the blog world and don't want to seem like I am non-resposive. Will you be responding to this post within the post or on email? I guess that will answer my question :).

And I clearly need to follow you on instagram. We don't have a cat.

Tami said...

Another dog person here and totally laughing at your cat hating confession. I haven't really noticed people posting a bunch of pictures of their cats but the thought of it just makes me laugh. I'm sure people get annoyed with me posting thousands of pictures of my kid so I can't hate too much on the cat pictures. :) I feel bad because I am the world's worst about responding back to comments. I always have good intentions but sometimes I get behind and then feel too overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Hope you don't hate me! :)